Mar 9, 2010

How to Travel in Style

On a recent trip to L.A. it occurred to me that traveling in style is a lost form of art. I see women who seem completely scattered rush through the airport with their messy hair, ratty travel bags and sloppy sweatsuits and it’s no wonder that the expression on their face reads of complete misery. Hello! Travel should be fun and yield a sense of adventure, and with the right planning you can have an enjoyable journey even if you’re traveling for work!

Traveling in style is all about planning ahead so that on your trip everything runs smoothly and at least appears to be effortless even if the reality is that it took you two weeks to prepare.

Here are a few of my travel must-haves that can help ease the chaos of your trip and bring back the style you’ve been missing.

Keeping your travel documents easily accessible and organized is something that can significantly contribute to what kind of travel experience you have. I always travel with a zippered wallet because I like the security of knowing that nothing is going to "fall out" and the inside compartments help me stay organized by allowing me to sort boarding passes, receipts and anything else I need to carry around.

I also pack a mini bag for all my lingerie and un-mentionables like this pink zippered pouch from Flight 001. On the way down to your destination this bag can house all your clean lingerie and on the return trip home can keep your undies away from wandering eyes during annoying bag checks by the TSA and also keeps them from mingling with the rest of the contents of your suitcase.

Speaking of packing, the right packing strategy can be the difference between having what you need and being completely disappointed when you arrive at your destination and realize that you forgot something you needed for one of your outfits. Like for example, a strapless bra. My suggestion is to check the weather forecast at your destination, make a list of outfits that you plan on wearing (including a list of shoes and accessories you'll want) and of course, a list of undergarments you'll need to pull off your planned outfits like tights, spanx, a strapless bra or a slip.

Most people laugh when I admit that one of my worst, most irrational fears is getting head lice on an airplane, but it’s for that exact reason that I always carry a pashmina wrap with me to use as a head-rest cover and sometimes travel blanket on any trip I take. The wraps are generally big enough for me to use as a blanket and they fold up so small that it’s doesn’t take up much room when I throw one in my carry-on bag.

My video Ipod mini is a must when I'm traveling because it tunes out crying babies, chatty row mates, and miscellaneous other noises that become a nuisance when I'm en-route to my destination. I like to load up my ipod with new music, videos and tv shows before I fly so that I always have fresh content to keep me occupied. I like fashion documentaries like Valentino: The Last Emperor and The September Issue which are both available on itunes to pass the time.

A travel candle is a MUST no matter what your destination. Hotel rooms always smell weird to me whether it’s an overbearing soap scent or an unfavorable musk, travel candles always save the day. I like candles by “A Scent of Scandal” because they’re soy based, eco-friendly and they come in portable tins that have a secure lid. Can't find A Scent of Scandal Candles near you? Look for Voluspa instead.

Mini's of my favorite beauty products are also top on my list for keeping myself sane while traveling. There's nothing worse than having to ditch your regular beauty products while going through security because they exceed the TSA requirements for liquids. Sephora carries a "Best in Show" Mascara Duo by Dior that is perfect for stashing in your bag and won't take up a lot of room. also has a ton of beauty mini's available from brands including Benefit, Make Up Forever, Laura Mercier, Smashbox and more. The point is- you don't have to sacrifice your beauty routine just because you're traveling. Although, I can tell you that if your plan is to take your Clarisonic Skin Brush in your carry-on bag it's best to take it out and put it in one of the bins prior to going through security- otherwise you'll raise quite a few eyebrows from the TSA staff.

When it comes to choosing an outfit to fly in I suggest picking something you feel comfortable in that still reflects an element of style that can't be lost in translation. What I mean by that is, do the rest of us a favor and skip the Juicy Couture Sweats....Skinny jeans, a stylish knit top and some flats will do just fine. Or if you're like me and feel more comfortable in a dress- then wear one that won't get wrinkled in flight and don't forget to pack a cardigan in case you get cold.

No matter where I'm going I always pack my mini-sound dock so I can listen to music while I get ready in the morning. I love this Logic 3 travel speaker system because it's battery operated so no matter what country I'm in I can listen to my music without worrying about needing an extra adaptor.
So remember, traveling in style is workable with just a little bit of planning. And hello! It's so worthwhile.

Wishing you safe and stylish travels!


JessicaLee said...

I love this post! Great advice. :) I still use my travel candle you gave me years ago, though it's almost time to replace it!

Unknown said...

Now I'm going to be scared to death of lice. Thanks Syd! Great advice, thanks for sending this to me right before my trip after I've already laid out my pink juicy sweatsuit for the ride. Dangit...looks like I'm making a Nordstrom's run on the way home from work. At least I'll look good :)

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