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May 5, 2021

Boma Celebrates AAPI Heritage with Treasured Collection

Boma Jewelry has announced the launch of a new collection designed to celebrate and advocate for underrepresented voices in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. The 10-piece Treasured Collection will debut on May 1, 2021 and 100% of the profits through the end of May will be donated to the AAPI Community Fund. Dedicated to CEO Suzanne Vetillart’s late grandmother, Loy Tee, the Treasured Collection was sustainably designed with circularity in mind, using a mix of deadstock green stones including Jade, Agate, and Aventurine, each stone symbolizing valued virtues including protection, self-confidence, and good luck.

“Jewelry is meant to represent and remind us of who we are,” said Suzanne Vetillart, second-generation owner of Boma Jewelry, “As I wear my necklace designed in honor of my grandmother, I reflect on the connection and courage I feel wearing something that fully reflects who I am. The result is something that is based in cultural symbolism yet remains unique, like me. The Treasured Collection is a representation of that sentiment. Today we are facing a continued rise in racism and violence against Asians. This collection pays tribute to the past and stands as a call to action for the future.”

Highlights from the collection include a signature Agate Bi-Disc necklace, Jade pendants available in sterling silver and 14k gold, and stud earrings featuring Aventurine beads. All items from the collection were ethically produced in-house at the Boma factory in Bangkok, Thailand using deadstock gemstones and recycled metals.

During the month of May, 100% of profits from the Treasured Collection will be donated to the AAPI Community Fund which aims to address urgent issues in the AAPI community as well as broader, systemic problems. Donations are being received through and grants from the fund are being allocated to various AAPI organizations and partners working to address racial inequalities.

Prices for the Treasured Collection range from $50 for the ‘Opportunity’ Aventurine stud earrings to $125 for the ‘Assurance’ Agate pendant necklace. Shop now

About Boma Jewelry

Boma Jewelry is a leading social purpose corporation focused on using fashion as a force for good. Specializing in high-quality, ethically-made jewelry, Boma offers unparalleled quality and true transparency to customers and valued partners. Through its vertically integrated supply chain and 40 years of experience creating fine jewelry, Seattle-based Boma Jewelry demonstrates that being good to people, conscious of the planet, and prosperous as a family-owned company is achievable when long-term goals are prioritized over short-term gains.


10th Ave Collective Hosts May Popup Featuring 6 Seattle Businesses

Capitol Hill Shopping Pop-Up

In an effort to bring back a sense of community to Capitol Hill, a small collective of local businesses will band together under one roof to host a month-long pop-up shop in the space formerly occupied by Seattle boutique Totokaelo. Starting on Friday, May 7th, and running through June 6, 2021, a multifaceted pop-up will emerge featuring book signings, designer features, shopping, and a listening lounge. Participating businesses include Baby & Co. (men's and women's fashion), Tune Hi-Fi (home audio), Fleurish (floral design studio), Robin Layton (artist and photographer), Susan Wheeler Home (housewares and decor), and Easy Street Records. 

"After a year of hardship and separation, we want to create a vibrant environment that enhances the 10th avenue restaurant and street scene to revive a feeling of community," says Baby & Company owner Jill Donnelly. Due to the pandemic, Baby & Co. was forced to close its First Avenue storefront and transition into a new space in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Donnelly's are excited to be back in Seattle for this special pop-up to reconnect with friends and fellow fashion fans. The gallery-inspired retail space will be open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will also host weekly open house events on Friday evenings. 

Line-up of events:

Friday, May 7: Welcome Back, Baby! Mother’s Day gift ideas featuring fragrances from Vilhlelm Parfumerie, bouquets from Fleurish, and a signing of Robin Layton’s photography book The Lake.

● Friday, May 14: At Home showcase featuring Susan Wheeler Home, flowers from Fleurish, and a listening lounge with Tune Hi-Fi sponsored by Easy Street Records.

● Friday, May 21: Made in LA designer capsule event featuring Los Angeles–based designers sold at Baby & Company, including Jaga, Esquivel Shoes, Louiza Babouryan, and MATiAS Denim.

Pop Up Details

What: 10th Ave Collective Pop-Up 

When: May 7 - June 6, 2021

Where: 1523 10th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122

The popup will follow the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines and city mandates requiring the wearing of face masks, limiting capacity, and requesting that shoppers maintain six feet of social distance.

Grab your friends and come #ShopLocal at this fun Seattle pop-up that's around for a limited time only. 


Mar 7, 2021

The Cura Co. partners with Boma Jewelry on 'This Matters' Collection

In the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, long-time friends and business associates Akiko Waters of The Cura Co. and Suzanne Vetillart of Boma Jewelry knew it was time to use their business platforms to dismantle systems of racism and redistribute wealth.

Six months later, the duo has released their first gender-inclusive “This Matters” sustainable jewelry collection designed to recognize and redistribute funding for community organizations in support of Black lives. The collection includes a BLM “Power Pendant” featuring a raised fist, a “Say Their Names” slogan necklace, and a raised fist “Power Signet” ring. All items are available in sterling silver and 14k gold.

"As a company, we are continually looking inward and finding new ways to listen and lend support,” says Suzanne Vetillart, CEO of Boma Jewelry, “Learning about Delanie and Izzy inspired Akiko and I to look at the ways in which our brands could be used as a force for good to help make meaningful change.”

100% of the profits from the capsule collection will support the Black College Matters fund by Save Your VI, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy for Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. “This Matters” proceeds will be directly donated to support the college education funds for BIPOC activists Delanie Seals and Izzy Miller. Future collections will benefit a rotating list of grassroots organizations dedicated to supporting and empowering Black communities.

Delanie Seals and Izzy Miller made national headlines last spring when they fought to change a discriminatory school policy barring African head wraps from being worn at school. These courageous young women led a grassroots campaign that got them suspended from school for wanting to express their cultural heritage. Eventually, they won the right for all BIPOC students to wear cultural head wraps at school and attend schools free from discrimination and harassment, as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees. In addition, Izzy and Delanie organized multiple Black Lives Matter protests in their community and continue to urge the city council in Byng, Oklahoma to designate Juneteenth as a paid holiday. Cura Co. & Boma are honored to support these remarkable young leaders in their pursuit of the higher education they deserve.

The “This Matters” collection is available for purchase exclusively through Cura Co. and Boma Jewelry. Prices start at $50 for pendant necklaces and range up to $130 for signet rings. Shop the collection here.

About The Cura Co.

From fashion to home goods and health, The Cura Co. creates an intentional connection between producer and consumer in pursuit of a more equitable, beautiful world. Female- forward with social impact at its core, The Cura Co. is more than a brand- it’s a conscious lifestyle.

About Boma Jewelry

Boma Jewelry is a leading social purpose corporation that is focused on providing unparalleled quality and transparency for its customers and partners. Through its vertically-integrated supply chain and 40 years of experience creating fine jewelry and cultivating artisanship among its employees, Boma demonstrates that being profitable, respectful of its people, and conscious of its environmental impact is achievable when long-term goals are prioritized over short-term gains.


Mar 6, 2021

Black-Owned Brands I love

Black History Month may be over, but I still want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on some of my favorite Black-owned businesses. These brands are doing amazing things to make the world a better place and I am proud to support their work. I encourage you to vote with your dollars and make a personal impact this year by taking the 15% Pledge.





























































We can all do our part to make a difference. Learn more about Aurora James and the 15% Pledge here

London's Photoshoot for Boma Jewelry


Last fall my daughter London had the chance to model in Boma Jewelry's holiday campaign. This local brand has quickly become one of her favorites because the earrings are fun and they don't irritate her sensitive ears.  Boma is sustainably-minded and uses recycled silver to make its products. In addition, all Boma Jewelry is non-toxic and nickel-free making it a great pick for sensitive ears. My daughter absolutely adores her collection of Boma Jewelry and really enjoyed working with the brand. 

Here are 5 things to know about Seattle brand Boma Jewelry:

1 - CEO Suzanne Vetillart is a 2nd generation owner and mom of 4. 

2 - The kids collection of earrings includes cats, dogs, unicorns, and rainbows. 

3 - Boma Jewelry customers can offset the carbon from their purchase by using CarbonClick at check-out.

4 - London's favorite pair of earrings from Boma Jewelry are these fox earrings

5 -  Boma has developed a process to recycle stones and set them into new pieces of jewelry as a way of keeping unused materials out of landfills. They plan to launch a new zero-waste collection in May, just in time for Mother's Day. 

View Boma Jewelry's collections for kids here:

Boma Jewelry Animal Earrings 

Photos by Demri Rayanne Photography


Jan 7, 2021

The Blow Dryer That Changed My Life

Haircare is not something I take lightly. In fact, as someone with a lot of hair, the process of washing, drying, and styling my hair, is something that often takes up to two hours. I wish that I had the type of hair that would allow me to shower at night and wake up the next morning with dry hair. But sadly, I'm not. I've tried and my experiments always end with a sad, soggy pillow and soaking wet hair. Over the years I've come to terms with this reality and scheduled "wash days" accordingly but always found the entire operation quite frustrating. And then one day, everything changed. 

For Christmas this year, my husband surprised me with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. I had seen ads for it and watched as other influencers posted about it, but honestly, I didn't understand what the buzz was about. For starters, the blow dryer is nearly $400, which is a far cry from the $40 dryer I had been using from Revlon for years. And secondly, I had never used a dryer with a hole in the middle and had no idea how it worked. 

Turns out, this blow dryer can dry my hair in 8 minutes flat and I'm telling you, it's worth every dollar. It used to take me 25-35 minutes to thoroughly dry my hair and I would have to dry it in layers because my hair is so thick. With the Dyson, I can dry my hair quickly and move on to styling in a record amount of time. My entire "get ready routine" has become much more efficient and I feel like I've been given my valuable time back. The best part is, that in addition to rapid dry time, the Dyson protects hair from heat damage and visibly deceases frizz and flyaways, which is MAJOR for my naturally wavy hair. 

So how does it work? Well, for starters, the dryer is powered by a motor that propels 13 liters of air up to the amplifier every second. The airflow then produces a controlled, high-velocity jet of air designed to dry hair quickly. The airflow is temperature measured over 40 times to prevent heat damage, which helps make hair shiny. 

This blowdryer has honestly changed my life and streamlined my morning routine. I feel more efficient when I use it and love that it no longer takes me nearly 90 minutes to get ready when I need to wash my hair. Thank you, Dyson. 

ps. This post is not sponsored. We purchased the dryer with our own money and I'm telling you, it was worth every penny. 

Lead photo credit: Demri Rayanne Photography 


Jan 6, 2021

Travel Inspiration from Pacific Northwest Bloggers

The Port of Seattle recently published a round-up of BIPOC travel influencers to follow for travel inspiration and they kindly included me in their list. I'm in great company, alongside Andrew Hoge, Antonio Smith, Carolyn Yuen Marino, Jennifer George, Mariame Sanoh, Sahily Perez, and more. If you're experiencing cabin fever and need some safe staycation ideas, go through the list and follow these amazing content creators. 

View the entire post here


Jan 5, 2021

5 Of My Favorite Book Club Picks

Last spring, my friend Amanda invited me to join her book club. Looking back, saying "yes" seemed like a small moment in time, but fast forward nearly nine months later and I now realize how big of an impact that decision has had on my life, in the best way possible. The goal of the group was simple: read books by women of color, celebrate their work, and see the world from their perspective. Little did we know at the time that COVID would cause chaos around the world, halt travel, and fuel a social justice movement that was long overdue. Many of the topics we were reading about in our monthly book club would carry over to what was happening in real life and facing those hard truths became unavoidable. 

I've always loved to read. My grandma taught me to read when I was very young and my family has old photos of me sitting on my grandma's couch, surrounded by piles of books. As I got older, I stopped reading for fun and only consumed trade journals and business books. Every once in a while if I was about to board a long flight, I would pick up a book to read on the plane, but only then could I justify the time spent reading. Saying yes to book club meant that I suddenly had an excuse to carve out time to read and our monthly (virtual) meet-ups held me accountable so that I would actually finish the books lingering on my nightstand. I've read more books in the past 9 months than I have in the past 9 years and I've fallen in love with reading again, which I know would make my grandma very proud. 

Here are my 5 favorite book picks from 2020 written by a wide range of authors. I hope you love them as much as I did!

Half Of A Yellow Sun - This book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is essential reading as far as I'm concerned. In fact, this book was so incredibly well-written that once I finished it, I ordered every other title by the author that I could get my hands on. The book centers around two sisters who experience the Biafran conflict, sometimes known as the Nigerian Civil War. The story is well developed and shines a light on the situation and the tragic consequences that ultimately unfolded. If you like this book, I also encourage you to check out Americanah

Vanishing Half - Brit Bennet is an incredible author and her epic storytelling abilities come to life in this beautiful book. Vanishing Half is about twin sisters who grow up in a small town and construct a plan to escape the monotony of their lives. The book explores topics of sisterhood, personal identity, and the implications of being Black in America. 

Homegoing - This book by Yaa Gyasi was my personal pick for the group and one that I find myself recommending to people again and again. It made me realize that while we talk about slavery in this country, we fail to come to terms with the origins of slavery and its generational impact. Homegoing is the story of two half-sisters who are both born in Ghana but in separate villages. One goes on to marry an Englishman and the other is sold into the Transatlantic slave trade. The story is devastating and illuminating, making you deeply appreciate how the past ultimately shapes us all. 
Photo credit: Knopf/Cody Pickens 

Born a Crime - I stumbled upon this book over the holidays and what I thought might be a fun, easy book to read when I had pockets of time quickly became a book that I couldn't put down. I read the entire thing in two days and found myself completely captivated by the story. Trevor Noah's path from South Africa to present-day at The Daily Show is remarkable. Prior to reading this book, I didn't know about apartheid, which meant I couldn't appreciate how deeply it impacted communities of color. I found myself laughing, crying, and loving Trevor Noah even more by reading this book. 

Everything Is Beautiful In Its Time - 2020 has been a year of loss for so many of us and this book couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Over the summer one of my best friends lost her father after a long battle with cancer and several months later, my husband lost his grandmother, his last living grandparent. This book truly helped heal my heart and deepen the appreciation I have for my family. Author Jenna Bush Hager lost 3 of her 4 grandparents in the span of just one year and shares personal family stories and photos, allowing readers an intimate look at what it's like to grow up in not one, but two presidential families. This book was like therapy for me and I've since purchased it for friends who are going through heartbreak. I highly recommend it!

Reading is a love that I hope to pass along to my children. Several years ago while spending time in London I took my daughter to high tea sponsored by Daunt Books at the Langham Hotel and each child got to pick out a book to read and take home. My daughter (also named London), picked out Oi Frog!, a book she now knows by heart and reads out loud with joy. What are your favorite books for kids? Leave a comment down below. Oh, and if you love Oi Frog, you might also want to check out London's new favorite, Oi Dog

Shop Local

For convenience, I've linked the above titles to Amazon, but if you can, please consider shopping locally at your neighborhood book store. Here are a few of my favorites:

Elliot Bay Books

Queen Anne Book Company

Phinney Books

Three Trees Books


Dec 13, 2020

The Best At-Home Gel Manicure

Like many people, I've had to change my usual beauty routines due to COVID in an effort to limit my exposure. That means I'm doing more of my beauty maintenance at home, including my nails. No matter how many top coats I use, my nails ALWAYS chip, which means I'm sometimes painting (and re-painting) my nails, several times a week. I recently spotted the Le Mini Macaron at-home gel nail polish kit at Nordstrom's gift shop and decided to give it a try. 

The kit comes with a cuticle stick, nail file, remover pads, a bottle of polish, and an adorable mini macaron-shaped LED light. This kit was SO quick and easy to use! You simply prep your nails by filing them and pushing down your cuticles, swipe the polish on, and then cure the polish for 30 seconds under the LED light. I was done in 10 minutes flat and my manicure is absolutely stunning! Honestly, it looks like I went to the salon for a traditional gel manicure. The Le Mini Macaron sets are available at Nordstrom for $35 and make a great gift for the beauty fans on your list. 

I'm now obsessed with doing my own nails at home and have purchased additional colors of Le Mini Macaron polish. For the price, this set is a great value and I love how shiny and long-lasting the manicure is. 


Dec 11, 2020

Insider's Guide to #DoSomethingNearby in Seattle's Southside

The holidays are here and local businesses are eager to help you shop, dine, and experience the magic of the season in a safe and responsible way. Visit Seattle recently launched a "Do Something Nearby" campaign to encourage locals to get out and do something to support local businesses. This season, every little bit helps, so whether you're ordering take-out from your favorite neighborhood restaurant or stocking up on gifts from local boutiques, we can each do something to make a difference in our community. Here's your Insider's guide to #DoSomethingNearby in Seattle's Southside. 


Burien Press - Since 2009, Burien Press has been keeping the South Sound hydrated with coffee, natural wine, and craft beer. They also serve light bites like house-made biscuits with strawberry jam, sticky buns, and scones. Open for takeaway every day until 7 p.m. 

Spice Bridge Global Food Hall - Home to Seattle's Food Business Incubator program, Spice Bridge helps women of color in South King County start and grow a thriving food business. At Spice Bridge, you'll experience foods from around the world. Check out the featured food stall vendors here

Classic Eats - Self-described as a "low-key diner" with classic American staples, Classic Eats has everything from meatloaf sliders to pulled pork sandwiches and chicken pot pie. There's something for everyone on the menu and you can even order online. 

Pigfish - Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Pigfish is located in the center of Old Burien and the menu features fish and chips, classic burgers, and hot sandwiches served with hand-cut fries. During the holidays they're offering daily specials for take-out or delivery. 

Burien Fish House - This month Burien Fish House is celebrating 5 years in business. The menu includes cod, salmon, and halibut fish & chips, fish tacos, po-boy sandwiches, and seafood chowder. Digital gift cards are also available and make great stocking stuffers for the seafood lovers in your life!

Anthony's Home Port - If you're craving seafood, you can't forget about Anthony's Home Port in Des Moines. They are a Pacific Northwest staple in my book and the food is consistently delicious and fresh. The menu includes award-winning clam chowder, salmon tacos, fish & chips, lobster fettuccini, and more. Order online for takeaway or eat outside on the heated patio. 

Copperleaf Restaurant -  Located at Cedarbrook Lodge, Copperleaf Restaurant is currently offering an outdoor "Camp Copperleaf" dining experience, daily from 5-9 p.m. The menu includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, and warm soups. They even have camp desserts like Mason Jar Creme Brulee and Dark Chocolate Pot Au Creme. 


The Shoppe Seahurst - Locally owned by Beka Atwood, The Shoppe Seahurst has a perfectly curated assortment of gifts, home goods, and accessories that are PERFECT for the gift-giving season. The selection includes custom prints, neighborhood blankets, candles, pillows, tote bags, and more. Beka is also offering curated gift boxes and curbside pick-up to make shopping easy and efficient. 

Three Tree Books - Perfectly nestled in Burien on 152nd street, Three Tree Books is open for shopping appointments and online order pick-ups. In addition to books, the shop also carries gifts like mugs, candles, puzzles, journals, teas, and more. They even have Obama's new book, A Promised Land, which I recently started reading and I can tell you, it's really good

Paper Delights - Locally owned and operated by stationary connoisseurs Kathy Perkins and Alicia Olsen, Paper Delights stocks a wide range of unique cards, high-quality stationery, and gifts. You can also see what's new in the store on the @PaperDelightsBurien Instagram page and call the store to place an order. If you live in the Burien area, the team will even deliver your purchase straight to your door, for free. 

Sitka Living - Specializing in local art, gifts, and bespoke furniture, Sitka Living is locally owned by Lori Glynn and Rebecca Zielinski. Located in Downtown Burien, the shop has an amazing assortment of giftable things including vintage glassware, handmade jewelry, scented candles, throw pillows, books,  ceramics, and more. 

Macadons - Technically this should be in the "eat" category but I'm making the executive decision to include this in the "shop" category because these cookies are so cute you'll want to gift them to your friends and family. For a limited time, they have a BTS Holiday Set available for pre-order. This holiday collab is in partnership with Magic Shop in Seattle, which is basically Seattle's BTS army.  Macadons offers free local delivery and they also ship nationwide. 


It's a Wonderful Burien - The City of Burien is hosting a series of holiday-inspired events to celebrate the season. The line-up includes a gingerbread man-themed scavenger hunt, imaginative story walks for kids, dance parties for the whole family, and more. There's even an adorable Santa Mailbox in Town Square Park. 

Highline Seatac Botanical Garden - The holiday season can be a stressful time and that's why escaping to the Highline Seatac Botanical Garden is a must if you can carve out the time. Admission is free and the gardens are open every day from dusk until dawn, offering up the perfect excuse for a leisurely afternoon stroll. 


Cedarbrook Lodge - Located less than five minutes away from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Cedarbrook Lodge is perfectly situated on eighteen acres of restored wetlands and is a great place to stay if you're visiting Seattle's Southside. The scenery is beautiful, the rooms are comfortable, and there's even a spa on-site offering massages, body treatments, and nail services. If you decide to visit, I highly recommend dinner at Copperleaf Restaurant. 

Today officially marks *two weeks* until Christmas but there's still time to #DoSomethingNearby to support local businesses in the community. Seattle's Southside is home to an array of amazing businesses, from restaurants to retail, there's truly something for everyone. As you get out around town, tag me in your posts @Sydlovesfashion and use the hashtag #DoSomethingNearby. Be sure to include @VisitSeattle too! We're all in this together and together we can make a difference for businesses in our community. Oh, and don't forget your mask!

Header photo credit: Demri Rayanne Photography 


Dec 10, 2020

Insider's Guide to #DoSomethingNearby in Woodinville

This year it's more important than ever to support local businesses and Woodinville has so many amazing places to shop, dine, and help get you into the holiday spirit! Visit Seattle recently launched a campaign that encourages Seattleites to get out and "Do Something Nearby". Whether you're visiting the neighborhood boutiques in your own backyard, enjoying a socially-distant glass of wine, or ordering take-out from one of your favorite restaurants, your support this year means the world to businesses in King County. While there may be modifications to your usual holiday activities due to COVID, there's still something for everyone to enjoy around town. Here's your Insider's guide to #DoSomethingNearby in Woodinville. 


Barking Frog at Willow's Lodge - There are a lot of things I love on the Barking Frog menu at Willow's Lodge but if I had to pick a few must-haves, the beignets with huckleberry cream cheese frosting and mac & cheese with truffle oil would be high on the list. Brunch is available daily from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. which basically means that even if you're a late riser (hello, me!) you can still enjoy huckleberry pancakes and Vermont maple syrup until late in the afternoon. The take-out menu is available for brunch or dinner and you can also order room service if you're staying at the hotel. 

The Commons - Open for outdoor dining, take-out, and delivery, The Commons is well-known for cozy comfort food and handcrafted cocktails like "The Local" which features Woodinville Whiskey Co. rye, brown sugar simple syrup, and Scrappy's aromatic bitters. They also have blankets, seasonal soups, and hot drinks, ready and waiting for you! 

Vivi - Family-owned and operated, Vivi serves up authentic Sicilian Italian food in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country because pizza and wine are a pretty perfect pairing. The menu includes calamari, classic bruschetta, spaghetti carbonara, gnocchi with pesto, and a wide range of wood-fired pizzas. During COVID, Vivi is offering outdoor dining service, take-out, and delivery. 

The Coop - If you love Detroit-style pizza, be sure to add The Coop to your list of must-visit places in Woodinville. The pizzas are made fresh from locally sourced ingredients and the menu includes the usual suspects like pepperoni and cheese, plus adventurous favorites like the Marketplace Sotheby's which has pepperoni, bacon, and jalapeno. 

Hollywood Tavern - You can't visit Woodinville without making a stop to the Hollywood Tavern, which was originally established in 1947 by Mabel Nieman. She was a fixture in town who loved to dispense drinks and advice to the local farmers, loggers, and mill workers. The menu features classic comfort food including tater tots, a drive-in style burger with American cheese, a half-rack of baby back ribs, and even fried pickles.  

Heritage Restaurant - Great for date night or family dinner on the town, Heritage Restaurant is locally-owned and operated by Chef Breanna Beike. The menu includes butternut squash bisque, Dungeness crab hushpuppies, honey citrus brined chicken, herbed farro risotto, and more. Currently open for pick-up or delivery orders, Heritage Restaurant is also offering Wine Gift Packs for the holidays. 

Pasta Nova Italiano - You can never go wrong with gorgonzola bruschetta, homemade meatballs, or lemon rosemary scallops, and that's exactly what you'll find at Pasta Nova Italiano, alongside other authentic Italian dishes. Dine outdoors, or place an order for curbside pick-up or delivery. 


Elegant Details - Designed as a lifestyle boutique for women, Elegant Details in Woodinville offers women's fashion, accessories, home accents, and gifts at affordable prices.  Check out their Instagram page to see what's in stock right now including new arrivals and holiday gift ideas. 

Molbak's Garden + Home - Located just across the street from Elegant Details, you'll find Molbak's Garden + Home. Founded in 1956 by Egon and Laina Molbak, both immigrants from Denmark, Molkbak's is a great place to shop for holiday gifts, plants, and of course, fresh-cut Christmas trees. Make an appointment to shop in person, or shop online and do curbside pick-up. 

Miyar Adventures - Founded out of a passion for climbing, Miyar Adventures will help you plan your next outdoor adventure and get you geared up, too. Locally-owned and operated by Sandeep Nain, Miyar Adventures offers gear rentals and training for outdoor climbing activities whether you're a beginner looking to get out in nature or a serious climber ready for high-altitute trekking. The shopping assortment includes gear from Outdoor Research, The North Face, Thermarest, Osprey, and more. 


Spa at Willow's Lodge - Good news, friends! You can safely enjoy a visit to the Spa at Willow's Lodge and let's be honest, we could all use a little break after the year we've had. Soak in the serene atmosphere as you enjoy an indulgent massage, soothing facial, or detox seaweed wrap. Right now the spa is doing a special "24 Days of Blissmas" promo featuring a rotating list of weekly spa specials. Gift cards are also available for those on your list who could use a little rest and relaxation. 

Métier Brewing - Fun fact: Métier is *the only* Black-owned brewery in Washington state. Their mission is to brew good beer and build community to inspire bigger dreams for all. The current assortment available on tap and to-go includes the Trail Blazer Pale Ale, an award-winning American Wheat, an Imperial stout made with blackstrap molasses and fresh ginger, a New Zealand IPA, and more. Reservations can be made online for visits Thursday through Sunday. 

Damsel Cellars - Locally owned and operated by Mari Womak, Damsel Cellars is a boutique winery that specializes in red blends and crisp whites. In addition to single bottles, they are also offering mystery boxes and digital gift cards. The tasting room is closed due to COVID, but you can still order online and use the "Damsel Drive Thru" Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 4 p.m. 

Woodinville Whiskey Co. - Specializing in small-batch, handcrafted spirits, Woodinville Whiskey Co. is locally owned by best friends Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile. They deeply believe in the time-honored traditions of bourbon production and all of their grain is grown exclusively on the Omlin Farm in Quincy, Washington. Shop online for holiday gifts including custom-etched bottles of whiskey. 


Willows Lodge - Located on five acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Willows Lodge is the place to stay in Woodinville. The spacious guest rooms feature beautiful Pacific Northwest details including oversized soaking tubs and cozy fireplaces, allowing you to completely relax and unwind. They even have a DIY "Do Not Disturb Bath & Bubbles" amenity which features bubble bath, epsom salt crystals, champagne, candles, and Fran's Salted Caramels. That sounds like the PERFECT night to me. 

We're just about two weeks away from Christmas, but there's still time to #DoSomethingNearby this holiday season. Woodinville is eager to welcome you as you shop, dine, and take in the festivities at local businesses. Tag me in your posts @Sydlovesfashion using the hashtag #DoSomethingNearby and be sure to include @VisitSeattle so that they can see what you're up to around town. You can also tag @visitwoodinville and #woodinvillewinecountry in your posts! 

We're all in this together and together we can make a difference for businesses in our community. Don't forget your mask! 

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