Sep 9, 2008

Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends

It occurred to me that before we can review Spring 09 trends from Fashion Week, we must first circle back on what the must-have items are for Fall 2008.

Here's a quick list of the top 10.....

1 - Colored Tights
You can buy any color that works for you. The important thing here is to tie them back to a great outfit and pair them with a hot shoe or a slouchy suede boot.

2 - Lace
I love lace. It always looks classy as long as it's done right. Lace can come in the form of a sheer lace shirt paired with a nude tank or even in the form of a maxi dress with leggings. If you are still stuck on how to incorporate lace into a casual wardrobe- cut yourself a little slack and buy a headband with lace detailing.

3 - Plaid
The buffalo plaid shirts in reds, yellows and purples are everywhere for Fall but plaid doesn't have to be overwhelming or even reminiscent of the late nineties. Plaid fabrics are everywhere from casual jackets to wrap dresses so finding something that is the right color for you shouldn't be an issue. If wearing plaid scares you it might make more sense to start with something a little less committal like a plaid scarf.

4 - Fall Florals
Florals work for me any time of year- but once you get past the summer months it's important to update your floral wardrobe with pieces that reflect a fall color palette. Go for neutral floral colors with rich jewel tone colors.

5 - Head to Toe NeutralsAlmost every designer showed head to toe neutrals in at least a handful of outfits that were part of their fall collections. Jean Paul Gaultier showed neutral everything from the scarf to the knee length boots.

6 - Purple
Our Fashion First theme for the 2008 runway show was "The Ultimate Color Tour", mostly because we knew purple would be huge. Purple is the hottest color for Fall so it's important that you have at least 1 good piece that covers this trend. My suggestion would be a purple dress that fits you like a glove- but I'm partial to my new Delia*s dress that is purple with front button closures.....The point is, get something that you love and wear it- often.

7 - Metallics
The metallic trend spans across a variety of categories. I've seen this trend in handbags, shoes, special occasion dresses and blouses. Jewel tones like gold, purples, silvers and teals have been very popular in metallics but the trend doesn't have to be worn in apparel it can also be worn in the form of a handbag or a belt.

8 - Bows
This is one of my favorite trends from Spring 08. I fell in love with my Rachel Leigh bracelet that I forced my boyfriend to buy me in Boston over the summer. I just can't get enough of cute little bow headbands, necklaces or even the rhinestone Juicy Couture bow earrings. They are simply adorable and seemingly innocent! For fall I suggest you get a blouse with bow details or possibly a gold necklace with a metal bow detail.

9 - Menswear Fabrics
Herringbones and tweeds will be popular for Fall 2008. If you don't want to sport menswear trousers or a menswear inspired blazer you can still get the look with a menswear vest, a herringbone pencil skirt or even a tweed jacket.

10 - Monochromatic Gray

 I love grey eyeshadow any time of year- but mostly in the fall. Sheer greys and cloudy silvers are going to be the one color (aside from PURPLE) that you will want to stock up on. Boots, cabbie hats, sweaters and even tights in shades of grey will help update your wardrobe for fall. 


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