Nov 9, 2008

I love Fashion Magazines

I love to read and when I travel I find myself entirely self indulgent in fashion magazines. On Friday I went to LA and bought 8 new magazines (and 1 new book!). Let’s face it- I’m a total magazine whore, but hey, I always learn a few good tidbits of information.

Here’s a brief summary:

• From Glamour Magazine/October Issue- How to be your own Dermatologist by using products like St. Eve Elements Microdermabrasion scrub ($7 at drugstores) and swapping expensive in office laser treatments for at home versions like Clinique Even Beter Skin Tone Corrector ($40 at Although I have to say- being your own dermatologist is risky and I could never give up my laser treatments at Calidora with Carolee.

• From Shape/December 2008- An amazing quote that I need to tape to my desk: “Dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience…these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity…for there is never the wrong time to do the right thing.” Love, love, love it!

• From Women’s Day Magazine/November 2008- How to Give Back on a Budget. ‘Tis the season for showing your gratitude with or without a lot of cash. Some of the tips were pretty creative including walking dogs from the local animal shelter, donating blood, putting up decorations at a local senior center, picking up trash around a neighborhood park and making get-well cards for kids at your local children’s hospital.

• From Elle Accessories Magazine- Menswear Watches. How to Coordinate this season’s catwalk looks with a statement timepiece. I love the Dior Yellow Gold and Tiger’s Eye but the gold Rolex was a close second.

• From Instyle/November- How to make an herb roasted turkey with maple-orange glaze. Although I don’t think I could ever pull off this recipe, the article does succeed in making me very excited for Thanksgiving dinner!!!

• From Travel and Leisure/October 2008- How to Pack in 5 Easy Steps. 1) Distribute weight intelligently (i.e. put heavier items at the bottom), 2) Use Bags to Organize your stuff, 3) Roll your Casual Clothes (like t-shirts, jeans, etc.) 4) Fold Sweaters and Delicate Items, 5) Bring Ziploc bags for laundry so that you can easily unpack when you get home.

• From Marie Claire/November 2008- The best way to handle your 10 year high school reunion? Skip it and join Face Book instead.

• From Lucky/December 2008- The best sites for global street style:

1) Copenhagen-

2) Tokyo-

3) London-

4) Berlin-

5) Paris-

6) Tel Aviv-

7) Buenos Aires-

8) San Paulo-

9) Manila-

10) Everywhere-


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