Dec 28, 2008

New Year Fashion Resolutions

2008 flew by… I got engaged, the economy collapsed, and we elected Barack Obama as our 44th President! In terms of fashion, 2008 was marked by an emergence of the green fashion movement as designers continue to redefine what is means to “go green”. Black and grey dominated color stories of fall fashion while pop colors like magenta and blood orange attempted to lift the solemn mood.

The New Year is an opportunity to redefine your personal style and make resolutions for every aspect of your life including your relationships and your wardrobe.

You know the drill. Get rid of those old, ugly workout shoes. Freshen up your hair with playful satin headbands from American Apparel and of course, swap out those winter boots for a pair of seductive stilettos.

My fashion resolution for 2009 is to wear more color. I’ve been mourning the state of our current economy by wearing entirely too much black so my goal will be to incorporate more color into my wardrobe through all means necessary (handbags, head bands, shoes, dresses, tights, accessories).

Here are some of the resolutions my girlfriends are focusing on in 2009:

“When i lived in New York, I lived in 3" heels... I miss the click-clack as I walked down the street... the height that somehow lengthened my monstrous calfs... the uncomfortable, yet satisfying pain of knowing you've spent a day in complete and utter misery... because your shoes demanded the sacrifice.... and paid for it with one secret glance in a window as you walked by..... because they deserved the looks... because they were THAT special....My New Year's Fashion Resolution is that, despite the fact that the majority of Seattleites live in NorthFace gear - it should not (and WILL NOT) oppress my desire to wear f-ing adorable footwear!!!! -Nikki

“My resolution is to focus on me, and really take in what 2008 offered me, and run with it. I also want to purchase a pair of Manolo Blahniks.”- Daisha

“My fashion resolution is to wear more classic pieces." -Marina

“My fashion resolution is to save money and work with what i got. Maybe make my clothes with fabric laying around!” -Jenny

“My fashion resolution is to wear more lingerie. I love the way the silky, soft fabrics feel on my skin. It makes me feel sexy and feminine. And, of course... the husband doesn't mind. It's freezing right now, but the second the weather warms up a bit, I'm wearing more silk.”- Jessica

“I plan to add more stilettos to my shoe collection. I have basic heels that are plain boring and I want to spice it up a bit. I used to be so savvy about shoes but since I work so much I tend to buy basic heels that will pretty much be comfortable to wear everyday and go with many of my work outfits. 2009 will be my year to show off my playful side.” - Grace

"Fashion resolution? Oh god! How long should it be? LOL...I guess it will be to wear matching lingerie under all my outfits and to make sure to wear my CFM boots more often!"

"My resolution is to take more time to accessorize!!! And buy a great handbag."

"In 2009 I want to focus on a nice workout wardrobe. Thank goodness Victoria Secret is investing in designing workout gear for those of us who want to be comfortable and look fabulous!"


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