Mar 15, 2009

Best Site for Vintage Fashion

If you love Vintage fashion you have to check out ATELIER-MAYER.COM. It’s a website dedicated to 20th-century vintage fashion inspired by Klaudia Mayer, an Austrian haute couture tailor whose atelier was originally founded in 1927. Think of it as a luxury online boutique for vintage fashion lovers, collectors, students, designers and artists. This is a great site if you’re looking for vintage apparel, jewelry, handbags or even shoes. Plus, most of the item descriptions include the decade the item is from making it easy to know just how “vintage” your item actually is. You can even buy vintage bridal! Each item also comes with a style sheet that details every aspect of the garment including fabric information, care, condition, Editors notes about the decade the design was from and information about what to wear the garment with. The website also includes an informational section about buying vintage, a section about key items per decade and also a place to sell your vintage items on consignment.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing we can have a fashion with vintage style thanks for this article. Hope it would inspire us the way we look for fashion...Great article thanks.

Darcey Howard said...

Nice work Sydney! This is a great post. I am in love with introducing my clients to art of and strategy of introducing vintage.

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