Apr 26, 2009

Global Street Style

Street Style is one of my favorite displays of public art. It’s fun, stylish and it gives people an intimate view of a given city not from a catwalk but from the candid view of the sidewalk. Here’s a list of my favorite street style websites.

1) Copenhagen Street Style-
This site has great street style pictures including stylish shots of models, students and even art gallery openings.

2) Tokyo Style Arena- www.style-arena.jp  If you love the fast pace of Japanese fashion you will love this site. The colors are bright and the fashion is way ahead of the curve. 

3) Glam Canyon: London- www.glamcanyon.blogspot.com
You’ll find lots of gems on this site including leotards, denim shorts and black tights and a healthy handful of drunken pub shots. There’s also a great assortment of legit street shots you won’t find anywhere else. This site just might become your guilty pleasure past time.

4) Berlin- www.stilinberlin.blogspot.com
StilinBerlin explores the style of Berlin from a celebratory standpoint. The pictures on the site aim to capture the spirit of the city and document fashion trends. Each picture on the site also has a list of key items in the shot.

5) Garance Dore Paris- www.garancedore.fr
The best thing about this site is the mix of street style pictures and amazing fashion illustrations. I think this is one of my new favorite sites!

6) Buenos Aires-
The great thing about this site is that it’s inclusive of everyone who calls Buenos Aires home, from the little old ladies at the market, to the artists in the street and the colorful passersby.
This style site out of Zurich is great because it focuses on music, fashion and art. Press passes at all the hottest fashion events in Zurich means exclusive pictures and behind-the-scenes shots.

8) Face Hunter- http://facehunter.blogspot.com/
The self-described concept behind this site is “A man out and about in London and beyond… Eye candy for the style hungry”. The site has hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures of global street style from cities including London, Madrid, LA, Jakarta, Helsinki, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen and more.

9) Style Clicker-
Style Clicker is all about Munich street style from a male point of view. There are also images from London, Italy and other fashion-forward European cities. I love the picture captions and comments.

10) Toronto Street Fashion - www.torontostreetfashion.com
Canadian style comes full circle at Toronto Street Fashion.com. The photos are great and the site is easy to navigate. This site also has great pictures and coverage from Toronto Fashion Week.

Looking for Seattle Street Style? Check out the "Needle Plus Thread Blogspot" by Style Scout Kam Martin by clicking here.  "I wanted to collect all the little bits from those around me and show that regardless of what you hear about Seattle... we do have style," says Kam. 

If you love global street style you should also check out Lookbook.nu which is an amazing site that has various viewing options for optimal searching. 

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