May 25, 2009

I was told there would be cake....

Leave it to my best friend Jessica to find the BEST cake shop in Seattle from the comfort of her own home in Post Falls, Idaho. Give her 5 minutes on the Internet and she can make miracles happen I swear! Hands down, if you're looking for a wedding or special occasion cake, check out Morfey's on Queen Anne. The cake is amazing (the best I've ever tasted!) and the service was impeccable. For my bridal shower at the Edgewater hotel in Sunday, Jessica picked out a white cake with raspberry filling, pink frosting and an inscription that read "Best Wishes Sydney & Jeff". It was absolutely adorable! I will post pictures ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy the Morfey's signature pink and white wedding cake above. 

Morfey's Cake
110 Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98109

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