Jun 24, 2009

Rollasole Plans to Make U.S. Debut

If you've ever felt the pain of a long night wearing sky-high heels you can appreciate 27-year old Matt Horan's brilliant entrepreneurial idea of selling foldable shoes in vending machines outside nightclubs in the UK. According to BBC News, he came up with the Rollasoles idea after being inspired by a stiletto-loving girlfriend who constantly complained about her feet every time they went out. His solution was to create an comfortable shoe that was affordable (about $8 USD) and chic.  Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton likes them! Rollasole currently has it's sights set on making a U.S. debut in New York, L.A. and Las Vegas. I can't wait!

Rollasoles come in 3 fashionable colors including black, gold and silver.  Each pair also comes with a bag to hold your high heels in when you switch over to your Rollasoles!

For the latest updates, follow Rollasole on Twitter by clicking here!

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Anonymous said...

Check out www.footzyrolls.com They are in the United States and roll up to fit in your clutch bag!!

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