Oct 14, 2010

Club Monaco Makes Shopbop.com Debut

Club Monaco may be new to the world of E-commerce but that didn't stop them from taking the plunge yesterday with a capsule collection debut on Shopbop.com. This is the first time the brand has been available online despite overwhelming consumer demand. "We get daily requests for online shopping and we want to satisfy our customers and bring it to them in a very special way,”Ann Watson, Club Monaco’s VP of marketing and communications told Women's Wear Daily.

The 30-piece collection was chosen by Shopbop’s fashion director, Kate Ciepluch and ranges in price from $24-$1,100.
Club Monaco promoted the launch by hosting a tweet-up at their store on 57th street in Manhattan the evening before the launch. “The social media route speaks to our customer. It’s viral and when you work with tweeting, you already have an engaged consumer. Even though we aren’t fully engaged yet, we’ve been very strategic about this the past six months,” Watson said, citing a recent blogger event and a collaboration with blogger and photographer Garance DorĂ©, who shot a look book for one of the brand’s fall collections.


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