Nov 15, 2010

Style For Hire

What Not to Wear's Stacy London recently partnered with former apparel executive Cindy McLaughlin to form a company called Style For Hire. The premise behind the partnership is to make personal stylists available to the masses through the use of local stylists in your town. "People think of stylists as a luxury for somebody like Angelina Jolie," said McLaughlin," We are trying to make stylists available to everyone." The company launched in September of this year with a team of only 15 stylists, however the long-term goal is to create a national platform of quality stylists in virtually every metropolitan city. As Stacy London and her partner bring on additional stylists they will be trained via a 2-day seminar using the company's body-based approach and upon completion of the training will be certified by the Style for Hire team. Pricing varies for style services and on average range about $100 per hour. Services that Style for Hire provide include Closet Audits, Closet Shopping, and Personal Shopping.

Looking for a personal stylist in the Seattle area? Check out Styled.Seattle!

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