Dec 25, 2011

My Journey to Clear Skin with Calidora

I recently came across a statistic that suggested more than 32% of women have cried over a breakout. I can totally relate. I’ve shed my share of tears too….probably more than most, or at least that’s how it felt at the time. I’ve dealt with everything from the lone blemish that stands out on the face and commands attention, to small bumps at the jawline, and persistent breakouts on the sides of the chin. And I did cry. All the time. I hated agreeing to social engagements weeks ahead of time for fear that another breakout might be around the corner. I hated meeting with new clients at work because I didn’t feel that people could take me seriously with my bad skin. And mostly I hated breaking out because it took such a toll on my self-esteem, even if I did a good job pretending that my breakouts didn’t bother me. I rarely took my make-up off, even when I was at home, because I couldn’t bear looking in the mirror and seeing the blemishes on my skin. I spent thousands of dollars buying makeup and skincare products to try and cover up the flaws, but nothing worked. The breakouts kept coming back and in some ways, they got worse. I cried myself to sleep on many nights and there were days when I didn’t even want to leave the house. When I was dealing with acne I saw numerous dermatologists, tried so many medications that my medicine cabinet looked like a narcotics lab, and tried nearly every skincare system in an effort to find something (anything) that worked. I bought the Zeno, the Marvel-Blue Mini (a hand held device that employs light therapy technology), the Pro-Activ system, and numerous over the counter acne medications. Even on “good” days my skin was relatively bad and over the years I learned how to become a magician with makeup.
When my now-husband proposed to me last September one thing became blatantly clear to me: I wanted flawless skin on my wedding day and I was willing to do anything to make it happen. Every dermatologist I saw continued to prescribe me higher doses of antibiotics in an effort to clear up my skin and still, nothing worked. I was finally ready to try Accutane when I heard about Calidora Skin Clinic. They promised to create a customized skincare plan for me and work with me to achieve the results I wanted.
My journey started with a complimentary 60-minute photo imaging complexion analysis followed by a detailed skincare plan that outlined the suggested treatments to help clear up my skin. In my case, the recommendation for treatment included a series of laser treatments in conjunction with customized chemical peels. When I weighed out the dangers of using Accutane with the price tag of pursuing the treatments at Calidora it was easy to see that Accutane was truly not an option. It was too risky and had the potential to cause birth defects and liver failure. So, I signed on for a treatment package at Calidora and took the plunge.
My first laser treatment at Calidora required patience because it actually made me break out worse. It’s sort of like when you get a good facial and it brings imperfections to the surface, the laser treatment had that same effect but the healing that followed was amazing. Once the blemishes started to heal my skin was smoother, calmer and the number of blemishes reduced. After a few laser treatments I could tell that my skin was headed in the right direction and the acne scars I had on my cheeks from previous breakouts were also beginning to diminish. The chemical peels were another story. I was so scared the first time I tried the peel because all I kept hearing from people was that it made your skin peel off in sheets. (Literally). Immediately after the peel is applied the skin is taut and smooth. Blemishes that were on the skin prior to the peel are significantly reduced and overall skin feels tingly and fresh. Peeling generally occurs within 1-3 days of the initial peel. My skin started peeling the next morning after the treatment and continued for at least two to three days afterward. Each day I slathered on a heavy moisturizer to help smooth the flakes and once the peeling was complete my skin unveiled a healthy glow I had never seen before.
My skin treatment plan continued and on a bi-weekly basis I alternated between laser treatments and chemical peels. It was a long process but by the time I was ready to say “I Do” my skin was ready too. In fact, it was glowing. Calidora helped me achieve the flawless skin I had always dreamed about and they did it without the use of harsh medications or prescription drugs.
Today my skin continues to remain clear and I’m so thankful to the amazing staff at Calidora Skin Clinic who supported me and helped me achieve my skincare goals. Having clear skin has changed my whole life and although at one point in time I was part of the 32% of women who have cried over a breakout I’m happy to report that thanks to Calidora I’m not part of that statistic anymore.



CameronMcAfee said...

Proper skin care, healthy diet and exercise can always help us stay young. It's also a good idea to have monthly diamond peel treatment with your dermatologist.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the over view on Calidora! I was looking for the info for so long, thanks!@Lisa Skin Care

shobnaamkoly said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Cameron. Proper skin care really helps us looks young and fresh. That's why I always visit my derma for my wrinkle treatment every month.s why I always visit my derma for my

Unknown said...

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