Jul 24, 2012

4 Steps to Clear Skin

After years of battling lackluster skin I finally decided to get serious about skincare. My problem? Recurring blemishes on my chin that wouldn't go away despite countless visits to the dermatologist who did little more than prescribe me with a cocktail of prescription drugs. I did laser treatments, regular facials (including peels) and used all kinds of lotions and potions, but the breakouts always came back. Finally an esthetician recommended that I see a Naturopath for allergy testing. I was skeptical and a little surprised that no one had suggested this to me before, but I had nothing to lose so I booked an appointment. The test results came back within a week and the Naturopath informed me that I was highly allergic to gluten and yeast. Little did I know that gluten was in just about everything I was eating on a regular basis and it was in the foundation I was using everyday (L'Oreal True Match). After a few dietary changes and the use of some really great skincare products my blemishes are fading and under control. Here are a few of the products I'm using to keep my skin in check.

Vitanica Skin Assist - These dietary supplements are formulated to support blemish-free skin and balance the hormonal effect on the sebaceous glands and physiological functions of the skin. I take 3 pills once a day (with a meal) and find that consistent use helps keep my skin clear. The capsules are vegetarian and contain a mix of vitamins and herbs including Rosemary leaf, Burdock root, Saw Palmetto and Horsetail.

Clinique Acne Solutions Face Wash - The power behind this cleanser is the 2% salicylic acid which works to effectively cleanse the skin and help prevent new breakouts. A drugstore brand like Neutrogena Oil-Free acne wash will also work, it contains the same amount of salicylic acid, but I picked up the Clinique brand from Sephora and really liked it. This face wash also has really great reviews on Sephora.com and no, you don't need to use all three steps to see results.

REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate - I normally wouldn't have picked out this product on my own but my Naturopath recommended it for helping to gently exfoliate my skin. It contains a complex of Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric and Citric acids to promotes skin-cell turnover and help achieve brighter, smoother skin. After 2-3 uses my complexion was brighter and any existing blemishes were significantly reduced. Apply nightly for 7 days and then take 14 days off to achieve maximum exfoliation results. Another serum I really liked for helping with blemishes is the iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum.

Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil -
This product is a lifesaver and super good for you! I read about it on the Canadian Beauty site The Beauty Editor and ordered it right away. It's a great source of vitamins and will really make your skin *glow*. I had friends notice right away after I started taking it on a regular basis and still continue to take it as a supplement even when my skin is clear.

If you're suffering from a blemishes, keep your head up and try out some of these suggestions! Cutting out (or reducing) the amount of gluten, sugar, and yeast in your diet can also help. I highly recommend getting a food allergy test to see what foods may be triggering your breakouts. I wish I had done that a long time ago. Good luck and cheers to good skin!

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