Sep 29, 2013

5 beauty must-haves for fall

The weather has turned from constant sunshine to 24/7 rain in Seattle and my usual laid-back beauty routine will no longer cut it. The change in weather means that my hair is going a little haywire and my complexion looks washed out without a pop of color on my lips. Here are 5 beauty must-haves I can't live without this season.

1. Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner
After running out of my usual eyeliner I stumbled upon this great liquid eyeliner at Sephora. It's high-pigment and waterproof so one swipe will last all day. The pen applicator makes it surprisingly easy to apply and for $18, the price is right.

2. Revlon Gold Eyelash Curler
My lashes are crazy long right now because I have been faithfully using LiLash every night before bed. Unfortunately, despite the length they are still stick straight so I would be lost without a little lift from my lash curler. For under $5.00 you can pick up a Revlon eyelash curler from your local drug store. I've used many, many lash curlers and this is one of my favorites. The simple act of curling your eyelashes can really open up your entire eye area.

3. Topshop Nail Lacquer
Metallics are "in" for fall and it's easy to incorporate them into your wardrobe even if you're personal style is relatively low-key. My personal pick is the metallic gold lacquer from Topshop. One easy coat dresses up nails and takes your look from day to night (or all-nighter) instantly. It's even office appropriate!

4. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer 
If dark under eye circles are getting the best of you this season, get rid of them with a heavy-duty concealer that is easy to apply and won't crease or fade. Full disclosure: I spent time working for Benefit Cosmetics early in my career and I can tell you from experience this concealer is magic! It's great for hiding blemishes too!

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Vinyl
My husband recently spoiled me for my birthday with an array of beauty products from the new Marc Jacobs Beauty make-up collection (he's a keeper!). As a self-proclaimed "lip gloss junkie" it's no surprise that the lip vinyl was my favorite product from the line. The lip vinyl provides full-coverage color that is shiny without being sticky. Bonus points for the minty tingle that instantly refreshes your lips!


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