Feb 1, 2014

Porch Introduces 52 Ways to Love Your Home Series

Seattle-based Porch.com, the world’s first home improvement network, recently announced a new series on their website that celebrates 52 Ways to Love Your Home. The weekly column will appear on the Get Advice section and can be accessed by visiting blog.porch.com.

 Each week, Porch Editor-in-Chief Anne Reagan will pen a post that celebrates a place that Americans spend most of their time and money improving. “Homes require so much attention, so much maintenance and so much upkeep that sometimes our appreciation for our home can turn to exasperation and annoyance. I decided that each week I’d start a new home habit, an act of daily love for my home. And that’s how 52 Ways to Love Your Home began,” said Reagan. Post topics include easy ways to improve your home one room at a time, creating a mission statement for your home, landscape planning and more.

Find more home improvement inspiration on the Porch.com Pinterest page!

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