Dec 29, 2014

New Hair for the New Year: essensuals London

Good hair is hard to come by, especially in Seattle when a good blow dry almost always equals a downpour the next day. First there's the matter of finding a stylist who understands your vision, then there's the drama of the front desk where inflated egos run rampant, and of course, there's pricing. Too little and you know you're in for a hairy ride, too much and you're forced to hide your receipt so that your significant other doesn't know how much you actually spend on your hair. (I've only had to do that once....) The real answer to good hair is a trip to Capitol Hill's newest salon essensuals London. Located on 11th and Madison, essensuals London offers accessible pricing, a friendly vibe and insane amounts of experience from quality stylists who are eager to help you achieve the hair you've been dreaming about. Yes, I do happen to be obsessed with the city, but to me, London is a lifestyle concept that should have it's own hashtag. With cuts starting at $55, pricing is affordable, the staff is welcoming and the salon environment is unmatched in more ways than one.

Boasting a friendly but firm no asshole policy, (which I strongly feel should apply to life in general), salon owners and twin brothers Jason and Robert Townsend welcome guests to experience their minimalist salon that caters to urban clients looking for fashion-forward styling. In addition to giving guests great hair, stylists at essensuals London also focus on educating clients by providing city-centric tips on how to manage their mane. Love a hot shower after a brisk Seattle day? Beware of hot water that can fade your hair color and cause split ends. To prevent damage without sacrificing your shower, clip hair up while shampoo and conditioners soak, then lower the water temp before rinsing. After years of spending excessive amounts of time in salon chairs, I thought I was well-versed on hair care. Turns out, even I learned a few new tricks to keep hair healthy and make it shine.

Jason and Robert grew up in the salon scene and developed a passion for it. Their mother was a stylist and often kept the boys out of trouble by having them sweep floors and clean brushes. These seemingly menial tasks ended up having a major impact on the twins and helped them to develop a strong work ethic that still serves them today. They understand the importance of the salon atmosphere and know how vital it is to shaping the customer experience. At essensuals London you'll find the usual amenities that you would expect at a traditional salon including complimentary coffee and tea, but you'll also find a place that feels familiar because the staff welcomes you like family and makes you feel right at home.

Each stylist at the salon specializes in their craft and takes a collaborative approach to styling clients. In my case, Robert worked on my color and patiently sat through endless pictures of Kim Kardashian on Pinterest so that he could understand my "vision". After the color was complete Jason did the cut and worked on shaping my long layers for maximum movement. The process was seamless and the experience was a lot of fun.

Locavore's will love the fact that many of the salon details are locally sourced including the reception stand and coffee table. Both were made locally by Timber & Ore out of reclaimed wood. The salon sign was also made locally by the artists at Noble Neon.

The atmosphere at essensuals London is inviting and fashion is at the forefront of this community salon. If it's been awhile since your last good hair day, you owe it to yourself to start the New Year off right. Tell the boys I sent you.

essensuals London
1156 11th Ave. 
Seattle, WA 98122

Good to know before you go: Pricing varies by stylist, so if you're on a budget make sure you're paired with someone in your price range when you book.


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