Mar 25, 2015

Spring '15 Inspiration & Style Challenge

My love affair with fashion started a long time ago and this season along with being inspired by the gorgeous colors and playful trends seen on the runway, I'm inspired by the feelings they evoke. This year I'd like to spark a more meaningful style conversation and talk about the designers and brands that are pushing innovative new ideas to the forefront of fashion. This approach to style allows us to integrate the apparel and accessories we love and examine the lifestyles we lead and how our favorite pieces play into them. What's significant about style is not the price of a dress, the size, or even the designer for that matter. What's really noteworthy when we discuss style is how it makes us feel and whether or not it inspires us to live life fully and be present in the moments that bring us joy.

This season Seattle-based asked style bloggers to participate in a "Spring Style Challenge" that involved styling an outfit inspired by a room created by one of their design professionals. I loved the versatility and rich colors in the photo (shown above) designed by New York interior designers Marks & Frantz. Their ability to mix pieces from multiple time periods and play with various shapes and textures is exactly my shared sentiment for spring. I love the colorful chandelier in the center photo and adore the way it captivates the room. Gold is one of my favorite accent colors (as seen in the shoes I'm wearing at top) and in the far left and far right photos you can see the careful use of gold-plated accents that bring an element of sophistication to each room. 

Corey Dress from Pipe & Row in Fremont paired with Spring '15 color inspiration from Marks & Frantz Interior Design, New York 

Seattle is fortunate to be home to many creative designers and amazing boutiques, each brimming with fresh picks for spring. I headed to Fremont's Pipe & Row boutique to peruse the selection and pick up the Corey dress (shown above). Featuring a nod to the 70's-inspired wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg, this dress has everything I love (colors, pockets, prints) all wrapped (literally) into one beautiful piece. The long sleeves make this a great dress for spring's transitional weather and the mix of colors makes it easy to pair with a wide variety of accessories. 

This season my style challenge to you is to have more fun with fashion. Play with color, texture and trends by adding in signature style elements that feel right to you. Stroll through neighborhood boutiques, pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers and savor the arrival of this beautiful season and the possibilities that it brings. 

Here are a few of my favorite style picks for Spring '15

Best shoe to run around the city: Vince Camuto leather caged sandals, $129.95

Accessory you can wear with anything: J.Crew Hexagon Bangle, $29.50

Most versatile bag: BEVEE Convertible clutch with detachable chain, $190

Style with a story: Druzy Quartz ring from Turkey via JJ, $149

Effortless dress for everyday wear: Corey Wrap Dress from Pipe & Row in Fremont, $189

Color Crush: Marc Jacobs lipstick in Bold Rose, $30


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