Mar 29, 2016

Fashion Recap: Stylish in Seattle

As the complex relationship between fashion bloggers and the fashion industry continues to evolve, Seattle’s most influential style bloggers gathered to explore key issues and current trends through interactive panel discussions at the first-ever Stylish in Seattle summit. Participating fashion brands including Neiman Marcus, Brooks Running, Julep, and The Shelf, offered bloggers valuable insight on everything from how to establish rapport with a brand to the importance of creating engaging content that resonates with readers. 

Seasoned style bloggers Cassandra LaValle, Moorea Seal and Tiffany Ishiguro rounded out the second panel to discuss the business of blogging and share their personal stories of becoming business owners by launching a second concept. The day concluded with an inspirational keynote speech by freelance travel and style editor Amanda Zurita. 

Guests were treated to refreshments by Fonte coffee and enjoyed sweet treats from Jujubeet, Dianne's Delights and Cupcake Royale. The first 25 people who purchased tickets to Stylish in Seattle also received VIP swag bags featuring products from Brooks Running, Nordstrom Rack, T+J Designs, Bartell Drugs, Susan Grace Skin Care, Neiman Marcus, Fashion First, Compendium, Julep, Gallipot Skin Care, Fit Code and Strideline.

On a personal note, being able to bring the style blogging community together for a day of shared insight and connection was truly amazing. I've been blogging in Seattle since 2008 and have met so many incredible women along the way. Some of whom, remain my very close friends today. We are a unique city. We have a different way of operating, a different dynamic when it comes to interacting with each other. We talk about fashion and style from a different point of view, and that's what I love about being a style blogger in Seattle. It's not what you would expect. It's so much more. 

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Your job is really exciting from the perspective that I’m viewing it from Sydney. Doing something you love on a daily basis is definitely worth every effort that you put in. Here’s wishing you success in your future endeavours!

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