Apr 26, 2017

Meet The Riveter: Seattle's newest co-working space for women

When my husband first suggested that I launch my own company back in 2010, I thought he was insane. Why would I dare give up the security of my corporate gig and venture into the unknown? I thrive on being part of a team and starting my own venture sounded isolating and scary. Fast forward seven years later (I swear it went by in a blink) and Gossip & Glamour is now a well-known fashion PR company with name recognition all over the city. Many factors played into my decision to finally take the leap and launch my own brand, but there's no question that I never would have experienced success at this level had it not been for the countless women in the Seattle business community that helped show me the way.

In the early days, I often worked from home or circulated coffee shops on Queen Anne. I missed the community that my former workplace provided and I longed for a workspace filled with creative energy that was fun, flexible, and supportive. I toured several co-working spaces in the city, but nothing felt "right" to me. I finally came to the conclusion that maybe I wasn't meant for co-working and that feeling lasted until just about a week ago when I toured The Riveter on Capitol Hill. The moment I walked through the door I felt right at home. The workspace is gorgeous with high ceilings and warm natural light, but what really resonated with me was the positive vibe. It's clear that this is where the lady bosses of Seattle will gather to work, play, and share ideas with like-minded professionals. But what's really interesting about The Riveter is that unlike any other co-working space in the city, it's founded on a simple mission: to empower women in work and wellness. Yes, members at The Riveter will have a gorgeous space to work in, but they will also have on-site access to everything from yoga classes to meditation workshops, making the quest to find balance a little bit easier.

With a focus on fostering meaningful connections, The Riveter will give members the support they need to thrive both personally and professionally. "We're an ally to every woman, anywhere, regardless of where she finds herself in her career," says co-founder Amy Nelson. The Riveter offers flexible memberships designed for everyone from newbie freelancers who are leaving the corporate world behind to budding entrepreneurs preparing to launch their next endeavor. Rent a desk for $325/mo., get your own office for $700/mo., or simply drop-in with a day-pass. If you already have an office but want to be part of The Riveter movement, a community membership will give you access to workshops, events, and more.

The Riveter has created a new way to work by offering women a source for greater choices and opportunities. "Women who join will find a place, literally, and figuratively, to cultivate and harness their entrepreneurial firepower," says co-founder Kim Peltola.

The Space
The Riveter officially opens to the public on May 1, 2017. Located in Seattle's vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, The Riveter is a beautiful 11,000-square-foot coworking space dedicated to women and wellness with private workspaces, collaborative desks, conference rooms, a coffee bar, fitness studio, meditation room, and more.

The Deal
The moment I met The Riveter Co-Founders Kim and Amy, I immediately understood the scope and scale of the community they wanted to build. By giving women access to a collaborative network of shared resources and opportunities in the form of a coworking space is the missing link for female entrepreneurs in the city. It provides a physical and professional space for women to gather and work on everything from creative projects to hard-hitting business ventures. If this sounds interesting to you, come join this amazing community of women. Use promo code GOSSIP44 for $25 off any membership of your choice. And if you join and love it, (we already know you will) we invite you to share the love and tell a friend.

The Location
The Riveter
1517 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Join the Conversation
On Instagram @theriveter_sea
On Facebook at TheRiveter.co


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