Jan 6, 2018

10 Seattle boutiques you can shop on Garmentory.com

When I started this blog back in 2008, my goal was to highlight cool designers and boutiques in the city. In fact, this site was originally called "Seattle Boutique Blogspot". What that name lacked in originality it made up for with rich, shopping-specific content. I loved hearing from readers who would peruse the site and discover new shops in their own backyard almost as much as I loved delighting the indie designers that I featured. The truth is that these local shops and designers are what make Seattle great. They are the cornerstones of our communities and one of the many reasons Seattle is such a wonderful and creative place to live and work. But, one blog can only feature so many stories, and what these small businesses really needed to thrive was an online platform that allowed consumers from all over the world to shop their stores. They needed a way to diversify their revenue stream while also expanding their reach in the world of e-commerce. Enter Garmentory.com. The Seattle-based company launched in 2013 with the goal of bringing the curated experience of brick-and-mortar shopping to the world of e-commerce. At the time of the launch, the company featured just 25 designers and boutiques. It was a win-win scenario for everyone. Indie designers and boutiques finally had an online hub to move through merchandise and reach new customers, and online shoppers had the ability to shop for hard-to-find labels and boutiques, all in one place.

Fast forward to 2018 and you can now shop from over 3,000+ designers and 500+ boutiques on Garmentory.com including some cool Seattle shops. Baby & Company, Glasswing, Rizom, and Velouria are just a few of the stores you can explore on Garmentory. The assortment from Seattle also includes designer lines SCHAI, SILVAE, and Salua Lingerie. Check out a few of our favorite picks from the site.

The woven dress you'll want to wear every day...

The ultimate accessory to finish off any outfit...

Faris Bold Cuff available from Rizom

The white shirt you'll wear with everything this season...

SCHAI Astro Shirt 

The silk dress you need to add more color to your life...

La Prestic Ouiston Silk Dress available from Baby & Co. 

The hanging terrarium you need to find your zen...

Modern Glass Terrarium available from Glasswing

The romper you can't wait to prance around the house in....

Salua Lingerie Silk Romper 

To date, Garmentory has raised $3.6M to continue growing its e-commerce platform. Last year they added menswear and this year the world is their oyster. We can't wait to see what's next for this cool Seattle-based company.

10 Seattle brands available on Garmentory
1. Pipe & Row
2. Clementines
3. Salua Lingerie
5. Rizom
6. Glasswing
7. Blackbird
8. Silvae
9. Herbivore Botanicals
10. Faris


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Unknown said...

I've never heard of Garmentory. My husband I were stationed in Tacoma, WA and I have missed shopping downtown! It's great to know that I can still shop all the way from Kentucky!

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