Oct 4, 2018

Eye Eye Celebrates Fall Fashion With In-Store Eyewear Event

It's already been a week since the Eye Eye "Fall Frame Event" on Capitol Hill and I'm still buzzing with excitement about all the cool frames and vintage glasses the store has in stock right now. We always talk about updating our fashion wardrobes for fall and I feel like that should also include what we're wearing on our FACES. Am I right?

For newbies, Eye Eye is an independent eye clinic and optical shop located on Capitol Hill. In addition to personalized eye care, the team led by Dr. Will Pentecost also offers a curated assortment of frames and sunglasses from over 27 brands. Plus, in true Seattle style, they also offer an insanely incredible assortment of vintage deadstock that gives clients who want something different a one-of-a-kind eyewear experience.

The store carries a range of brands that have a legit celebrity following because you know, if Haley Baldwin is wearing white frames with corner accents, I need them too. Featured brands include Alhem, which recently won a Vogue Fashion Award, Christian Roth, which re-launched Kurt Cobain's signature white sunglasses (pictured above), Krewe, Mr. Leight, and even local brand Rain City, among others.

Oh, and if you're like most Americans who stare at a computer screen all day and experience eye fatigue, Eye Eye can put non-prescription, blue light blocking lenses into any frames. Seattle blogger Brittany Streissguth of Pumps & Plaid (pictured below) recently got a pair to wear while she's blogging to help protect her eyes.

Another fun fact? Eye Eye can put a prescription into snow goggles, which is perfect for people who want to hit the slopes but hate wearing contacts. This is such a brilliant concept and I had no idea it was a "thing". Turns out it is and it's so perfect for the Pacific Northwest where we relish in outdoor adventures during the winter months. 

Eye Eye also carries a high-quality private label line that is budget-friendly and ideal for those looking for an alternative to designer frames. In addition, they have an in-house lab which can turn around frames in 2-3 business days. 

The event was a fun opportunity to see how this cool local company is doing eyewear differently. A variety of bloggers and influencers came out to celebrate and guests enjoyed light bites by Gourmondo Catering (another local favorite!) and swag bags filled with local products from French Girl Organics and Oola Distillery. I can't wait until the next event!

Eye Eye
1317 E. Pine St. 
Seattle, WA 98122

Photo credit: Karya Schanilec

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