Jun 17, 2019

5 must-have products from K Banana

Calling all beauty fans! K Banana is now open at U Village and the assortment of k-beauty products is unreal. You'll immediately be drawn to the whimsical packaging and then fall in love with the amazing prices. I've dabbled in Korean beauty products in the past, but now, after working with the K Banana team on two grand opening events, I'm a total convert. Here are 5 of my favorite k-beauty products you can get right now at K Banana.

#1 Whal Myung WM5 Hydrating Cream

I have oily skin and as a result, I always shy away from anything hydrating so this is an unusual pick for me, but I'm happy to report that my skin has really turned a corner with this product. Prior to using this hydrating cream, I was regularly stripping my skin with cleansers to control oil. Turns out, this has the opposite effect on skin and actually triggers even more oil production. K-Beauty expert Ashley Brown suggested that I add in hydration as the final step of my skincare routine by using the Whal Myung Hydrating Cream ($52, shown above) in the morning and at night. It seemed foreign to me because I'm normally just concerned with getting oil off my face and stripping it completely of moisture, but she assured me that using a pea-sized amount and distributing it evenly over my face and neck would help combat redness and balance out my skin, and it totally worked. I'm now less oily and my skin feels hydrated and calm.

#2 MadeCera Lip Balm 

Hot summer days are perfect for hydrating lip balms with a pop of color. I'm obsessed with the MadeCera Lip Balm ($12) available at K Banana because it has a sheer pop of color and fits perfectly into my pocket. The "Pop Pink" color, shown above, is my favorite.

#3 Huangjisoo Perfect Cleansing Oil

This is also an unusual pick for me but when the temps rise, I always find myself being drawn to the double cleanse method. It's literally the only thing that makes my skin feel truly clean. For newbies to this method, the double cleanse involves washing your face first with an oil-based cleanser to draw oil and impurities away from skin, followed by washing your face again with a water-based cleanser. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it's totally worth it and I swear this method makes my skin glow. I've been using the huangjisoo oil cleanser ($25, shown above) from K Banana and it's quickly becoming one of my go-to cleansers.

#4 KOCOSTAR Plump Lip Capsule Mask

Enclosed in this cute lip-shaped case, shown above, you'll find 30 Kocostar capsules filled with lip plumping serum. You twist off the tip and apply the clear serum on to your lips. It tingles a little at first and then completely transforms your pout. I already have big lips thanks to Juvederm but I LOVE these little capsules because they really make my lips pop.

#5 Dr. Jart+ Cheek & Eye Lift

The Dr. Jart Cheek and Eye Lift mask ($7) is hands-down my favorite mask of all time because it instantly defines my cheek bones (which are normally non-existent) while also de-puffing my under eyes, which we ALL need. I store these masks in the fridge and use them as my secret weapon whenever I have a special event or a photoshoot because they really work. These masks have little acupressure dots on the inside that help to lift and tighten skin. You'll look like you've just been to the spa.

K Banana is located at U Village next door to Sole Food and Amour Vert. Once inside the store you'll find a variety of curated k-beauty skincare including over 150 different types of sheet masks on the vending machine face mask wall hand painted by local artist Jesse Brown, plus a dedicated selfie wall, and a "BIY" Beauty-It-Yourself gifting station with colorful mesh pouches that you can fill with travel-sized products to create the perfect gift.

K Banana
2621 NE Village Lane
Seattle, WA
On Instagram @hellokbanana

Top photo credit: Michael Garrett


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