Travel tips from a stylish mommy who's been around the globe with two little ones in tow

The first time I took a trip with my son Liam he was just a little over a year old. I was scheduled to be in New York for a few days so that I could attend a Fashion Group International Conference and there was no way I was leaving him back in Seattle. I have a blurry photo that my husband took of Liam and I in Times Square at night and it's a picture I will cherish forever because that trip marked the start of our family travel adventures. My husband and I traveled a lot before we had kids, but after our son was born we were both too exhausted to even think about the prospect of globetrotting with a tiny one in tow, but several months after the New York trip we ventured off to London and then spent a few days in Paris. We've been going non-stop ever since- now with a second kid in tow- and loving every minute of it. Traveling with little ones is definitely an adventure, but trust me, it gets a lot easier and every kid benefits from having the opportunity to explore the globe. Here are my top tips for traveling -in style- with kids. 

#1 - Buy your child a seat
The first thing I recommend to any parent traveling with a little one (i.e. a child under three) is to spend the extra money and buy your child a seat even if the airline doesn't require it. I know, it sounds a little counter-intuitive, why spend the cash if you don't need to? But trust me, it's worth it. Having the extra space on the plane to get comfortable is the key to having a stress-free flight, especially if you're traveling long distances. My son loved spreading out his toys on the seat and I loved not having to constantly worry about elbowing the person next to me.
Bonus tip: If you buy your child a seat don't forget to sign them up to earn frequent flyer miles.  

#2 - Fly direct if you can
Sometimes even a small layover can add on numerous hours to your total travel time so in order to avoid meltdowns, we find it's helpful to book direct whenever possible. Traveling from Seattle to London on a direct flight is around 9 hours, but with layovers, you're looking at almost 15 hours+ of total travel time. For a small child (and even some grown-ups) that's a small eternity, so if the airline offers a direct flight and you are traveling with kids, my advice is to take it. You can thank me later.

#3 - Pack light for your flight  
It's almost second nature for some parents to pack everything but the kitchen sink in their diaper bags, but somehow I missed that bandwagon (including the diaper bag) and always strive to pack light when I travel. My carry-on bag always includes kid-friendly snacks and toys, plus emergency items like children's Tylenol.  Essentials for my travel bag also include a phone charger, aromatherapy lotion in peppermint or lavender, diapers + wipes, plus at least 1 disposable sippy cup so that I can kid-proof any in-flight beverage. If your kid is notorious for spills don't forget to pack an extra outfit, or two. But remember, the more you pack in your carry-on bag the more you have to lug around (in addition to carrying your kid), so whenever possible, pack lightly. If you forget something and can't live without it, chances are you can buy it at the airport or upon arrival at your destination. This also goes for magazines and books.

Another tip for traveling with kids is to pack smaller toys that they haven't played with in a while so that they get the experience of playing with "new" toys on the plane. This little trick kept my baby entertained for hours on our last flight to London.

#4 - Buy Diapers on Arrival
I'll admit, I once managed to disperse an entire package of diapers into my suitcase before leaving on an overseas trip because I was a newbie when it came to traveling with a baby and I was worried about finding them on arrival. Since then, I've realized that taking up valuable suitcase space with diapers is a waste and as long as you have enough diapers to get you to your destination and a few extras "just in case" it's easier and sometimes cheaper to buy diapers at your destination rather than sacrificing valuable suitcase space. With the exception of Hawaii, we generally travel to cosmopolitan areas where drug stores are readily accessible and stock all the diapers we could ever need, which means I have more room in my suitcase for shopping.

Also, another quick note on packing- don't bring an extra suitcase for your kid, no matter how cute the suitcase is. Try and pack as much of their clothing into your suitcase as possible so that you aren't stuck at the airport with one of those trolly carts because you have too much luggage. My rule is: if we can't carry it between the four of us, we don't bring it. This is especially important if you have to carry around additional items like a car seat or stroller. Speaking of car seats, we have found that it's far easier to rent a car seat from the car rental company if you are planning on driving than it is to carry one around with you. We have always had great luck with car seat rentals (clean, functioning properly, etc.) when we've needed them and with our AAA membership the car seat rental is often free.

If you end up shopping more than you anticipated on your trip, you can always buy another suitcase or duffle bag at your destination and check it for your return trip home. We have done this several times and works like a charm when/if we need it.

#5 - Bring picnic supplies 
In Europe, it's common to eat meals outside in the park by having an impromptu picnic, but the picnic supplies I recommend are actually for your hotel room. I like to pack plastic forks and spoons so that we can have yogurt in the morning and things like pre-packaged salads for dinner or a snack. Be sure that your hotel has a mini-fridge so that you can shop during the day and store your food. You can also pack an empty water bottle in your suitcase for use on arrival. Most hotels have lemon or cucumber-infused water in the lobby for guests, making it easy to fill up a cup and then transfer it into your water bottle when you get back to your room.

#6 - Take the umbrella stroller with you 
Our umbrella stroller has saved us too many times to count. My daughter naps in it when we're on vacation and she's too tired to keep walking and we also like it for keeping her contained when we are en-route somewhere and don't want her to get lost in the shuffle.

When it comes to picking an umbrella stroller for your trip, you'll want to find one that is:
1) Easy to fold up (preferably with one hand)
2) Has a strap attached so that you can sling it over your shoulder
3) Has storage space so that you can stash diapers and snacks for your little one/s.

Our favorite umbrella stroller is the Uppa Baby G-Luxe because it reclines and has a bit of storage. For our last trip we retro-fitted it with a cupholder attachment and an organizer. These little attachments made all the difference in our experience and were well worth it in the long run.  When we fly we usually take the umbrella stroller straight to the gate and then have the flight attendants gate check it so that upon arrival we can strap our daughter in and make our way to baggage claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

#7 - Dress the Part
I like to dress up when I go out of town, but I also like to be practical. This usually means finding the right balance between casual and comfortable. Pack some lightweight tops, a few pairs of jeans, a dress (or two) and a sweater that can be added if it gets chilly in the evening. Scarves are also great for travel because they can multi-task. For example, my scarves become swimsuit cover-ups when we go to the beach. When it comes to shoes, I live in sandals when visiting places like Florida and Hawaii, but in Europe, I prefer flats that are good for walking around and chasing my kids. It's always WAY more walking than you plan on, so don't try to break in new shoes on vacation. Break them in before you leave on your trip otherwise your feet will be miserable.

Another tip that is absolutely essential for traveling with kids? Pack a crossbody bag so that you can be hands-free when you're out with the kids and don't forget to pack a portable charger so that you never run out of battery when you're on-the-go.

#8 - Take advantage of blow-dry bars and express spa services
Let's face it, most hotel blow dryers are total crap and definitely not an option for someone like me who has a lot of hair. Instead, when visiting cities like London and NYC I like to research blow dry bars in advance that are close to my hotel. Hands down, Dry Bar in NYC is my absolute favorite. In London, Hershesons Blow Dry Bar is the best. Don't forget to check nearby salons and spas for express spa services. A 30-minute mani? Yes, please. Selfridges in London has a great beauty workshop that offers a variety of beauty services including a full nail bar, lash services, and even spray tans.

#9 - Take advantage of Frequent Flyer programs
If you travel with kids in tow, be sure to sign them up for their own frequent flyer accounts so that they can accumulate points toward a free trip or discounted ticket. We took several trips with my son before realizing that as a paid customer he was also eligible to earn travel miles. Don't make this mistake. Sign up your kids now before your next travel adventure and they'll start accumulating travel miles that you can use on future trips.

#10- Keep Calm and Carry On 
This is the most important travel tip of all. Travel is an adventure and no matter how much time you spend planning everything out, at some point, you have to embrace the fact that not everything goes accordingly to plan. Trust me, I'm a total "Type A" personality and this one was hard for me, but once I learned to just relax and roll with it, traveling got so much easier.  Little ones pick up on your stress and will react to situations based on how you handle them, so remember to keep calm and carry on, and your kids will too!

Calling all fashion fans: MOHAI will be hosting a series of fall fashion events to coincide with its Seattle Style: Fashion/Function exhibit running now through October 14th. Grab your friends and add these fabulous events to your calendar now.

Sept. 10 - MOHAI Fashion Lecture: Secrets of Seattle Style
7-8:30 p.m.
Learn about the process of creating MOHAI's landmark exhibit, Seattle Style: Fashion/Function at a fashion lecture led by exhibit curator Clara Berg. Guests will get to hear behind-the-scenes stories about key pieces featured in the exhibit and learn more about what makes Seattle's style scene so distinct.

Sept. 15 - Sunday Hat Parade with Black Heritage Society of Washington State
1-4 p.m.
Celebrate the tradition of hats in Seattle's black community with the Black Heritage Society of Washington + MOHAI. Guests are encouraged to wear a stylish hat, take photos in the photo booth, and enjoy a special one-day-only display of historic hats from the BHS collection. Guests will also hear from two local black milliners featured in the exhibit.

Sept. 21 - Big Mood: A Night of Fat Fashion
6:30-9 p.m.
Guests will enjoy a night of immersive experiences curated by Adria Garcia and Kim Selling of Indian Summer and More Fats More Femmes. The evening will include a fashion show, pop-up market, and conversations punctuated with live performances.

If you love fashion, don't miss the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) series dedicated to exploring one of the most essential elements of filmmaking: costume design. The art of creating wardrobes for characters not only informs the story but helps viewers visually understand the complexity of each character. This summer, SIFF will screen six films in Seattle that showcase extraordinary costume design. The Dressed to the Nines series, hosted by authors Rosemarie and Vince Keenan, will feature six films including Singin' in the Rain, Mildred Pierce, 42nd Street, Gilda, The Women, and Rear Window. All shows will take place at the Uptown Cinema on lower Queen Anne and begin at 1 p.m. This is a fabulous excuse to get dressed up, escape the summer heat, and go to the movies!

Dressed to the Nines: Cinema Style dates:
July 20 - Singin' In The Rain
July 27 - Mildred Pierce
August 3 - 42nd Street
August 10 - Gilda
August 17 - The Women
August 24 - Rear Window

Time: 1 p.m.
Location: SIFF Uptown Cinema 511 Queen Anne Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109

Universal Standard, the world's most size-inclusive fashion brand, will open a new retail concept in Seattle this Thursday, June 20th. Located in Belltown, the new 1:1 space will be part styling studio, part community event space. Customers will be able to book styling appointment and group shopping experiences that are intimate and inclusive in a relaxed setting that feels more like an urban loft than a retail storefront. The space will stock apparel and outerwear by Universal Standard in sizes 00-40, including select pieces from capsule collections with like-minded brands. Past collaborations have included Goop, Rodarte and J. Crew, with new partnerships coming this fall.

In addition to shopping, customers will have the ability to reserve the 1:1 space for exploring personal interests and hosting meet-ups like book clubs, girls nights, and dinner parties. Universal Standard will also utilize the space to host its own monthly programming and community events. Local stylist and PR professional Jessica Branning, formerly at Neiman Marcus, has been tapped as the local Director of Retail and Curation. She plans to activate the space with a variety of localized programming that explores the intersection of fashion, culture, and technology.

The brand is based in New York but does have local ties. Founder Polina Veksler spent time working at Microsoft before launching the company with her co-founder Alexandra Waldman in 2015. The Seattle 1:1 space will open its doors at 2228 First Avenue on Thursday and host a series of grand opening events to showcase the space and introduce the brand to the community. Universal Standard plans to open similar concepts around the country later this year in Portland, Chicago, and New York.

Universal Standard
2228 First Ave. Suite 220
Seattle, WA 98121

Search the hashtag #USintheWild to see Universal Standard in action on Instagram

Calling all beauty fans! K Banana is now open at U Village and the assortment of k-beauty products is unreal. You'll immediately be drawn to the whimsical packaging and then fall in love with the amazing prices. I've dabbled in Korean beauty products in the past, but now, after working with the K Banana team on two grand opening events, I'm a total convert. Here are 5 of my favorite k-beauty products you can get right now at K Banana.

#1 Whal Myung WM5 Hydrating Cream

I have oily skin and as a result, I always shy away from anything hydrating so this is an unusual pick for me, but I'm happy to report that my skin has really turned a corner with this product. Prior to using this hydrating cream, I was regularly stripping my skin with cleansers to control oil. Turns out, this has the opposite effect on skin and actually triggers even more oil production. K-Beauty expert Ashley Brown suggested that I add in hydration as the final step of my skincare routine by using the Whal Myung Hydrating Cream ($52, shown above) in the morning and at night. It seemed foreign to me because I'm normally just concerned with getting oil off my face and stripping it completely of moisture, but she assured me that using a pea-sized amount and distributing it evenly over my face and neck would help combat redness and balance out my skin, and it totally worked. I'm now less oily and my skin feels hydrated and calm.

#2 MadeCera Lip Balm 

Hot summer days are perfect for hydrating lip balms with a pop of color. I'm obsessed with the MadeCera Lip Balm ($12) available at K Banana because it has a sheer pop of color and fits perfectly into my pocket. The "Pop Pink" color, shown above, is my favorite.

#3 Huangjisoo Perfect Cleansing Oil

This is also an unusual pick for me but when the temps rise, I always find myself being drawn to the double cleanse method. It's literally the only thing that makes my skin feel truly clean. For newbies to this method, the double cleanse involves washing your face first with an oil-based cleanser to draw oil and impurities away from skin, followed by washing your face again with a water-based cleanser. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it's totally worth it and I swear this method makes my skin glow. I've been using the huangjisoo oil cleanser ($25, shown above) from K Banana and it's quickly becoming one of my go-to cleansers.

#4 KOCOSTAR Plump Lip Capsule Mask

Enclosed in this cute lip-shaped case, shown above, you'll find 30 Kocostar capsules filled with lip plumping serum. You twist off the tip and apply the clear serum on to your lips. It tingles a little at first and then completely transforms your pout. I already have big lips thanks to Juvederm but I LOVE these little capsules because they really make my lips pop.

#5 Dr. Jart+ Cheek & Eye Lift

The Dr. Jart Cheek and Eye Lift mask ($7) is hands-down my favorite mask of all time because it instantly defines my cheek bones (which are normally non-existent) while also de-puffing my under eyes, which we ALL need. I store these masks in the fridge and use them as my secret weapon whenever I have a special event or a photoshoot because they really work. These masks have little acupressure dots on the inside that help to lift and tighten skin. You'll look like you've just been to the spa.

K Banana is located at U Village next door to Sole Food and Amour Vert. Once inside the store you'll find a variety of curated k-beauty skincare including over 150 different types of sheet masks on the vending machine face mask wall hand painted by local artist Jesse Brown, plus a dedicated selfie wall, and a "BIY" Beauty-It-Yourself gifting station with colorful mesh pouches that you can fill with travel-sized products to create the perfect gift.

K Banana
2621 NE Village Lane
Seattle, WA
On Instagram @hellokbanana

Top photo credit: Michael Garrett

There are so many incredible places to shop in Seattle, especially if you love to #ShopLocal. I recently had the chance to take Youtuber Rachel Waldorf around the city to visit some of my favorite shops around town and we had so much fun exploring! Unlike other cities, Seattle doesn't have one main shopping row like a Fifth avenue in New York or an Oxford street in London. Instead, we have a variety of neighborhoods that each have their own unique set of bars, restaurants, and shops. Here's a round-up of the boutiques we visited around town and a little more about why we love them:

Lika Love

Founded in 2013 by Malika Siddiq, Lika Love was originally founded as a fashion truck and later grew into 3 brick and mortar boutiques plus an e-commerce website. Rachel and I visited the Lika Love boutique on Lower Queen Anne just across from the Seattle Center and Met Market, but the company also has 2 more locations in the Alaska and Morgan Junctions in West Seattle. Lika Love carries apparel and accessories for women, plus shoes, shapewear, and even gifts. Local brands stocked at the store include Loho, Leia Beila, and French Girl Organics.
535 Warren Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109
Neighborhood: Lower Queen Anne

Moorea Seal

Featuring over 150 different independent designers, Moorea Seal focuses on hand-made goods and garments made in the USA.  The store is often described as a "Pinterest board come to life" and it's easy to see why. The walls are painted pink, the potted plants are vibrant and green, and the merchandising makes you want to buy one of everything. The assortment is thoughtfully curated and features apparel, accessories, shoes, sunglasses, skincare, jewelry, and even Moorea Seal's own range of books and journals. Shoppers who want to give back will also love that Moorea Seal gives 7% of all proceeds back to a rotating list of non-profits.
1012 First Ave. Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: Downtown

Flora & Henri

It's hard to believe, but Flora & Henri is celebrating 2 years in Pioneer Square this month! What started as a children's clothing line has now expanded into a full lifestyle boutique featuring womenswear, men's accessories, gifts, and home goods. The store is gorgeous and flooded with natural light, plus, the store also serves as the official HQ for Flora & Henri. The team shares loft-style offices upstairs where they design products, fulfill e-commerce orders and conduct wholesale business. Local brands stocked at the store include Herbivore Botanicals, Ampersand as Apostrophe, and Amy Augustine jewelry.
401 First Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

Swan Dive

Shoppers who visit Clementine's in Pioneer Square will inevitably stumble upon Swan Dive, a treasure trove of vintage fashion curated by former Seattle mag lifestyle editor Ali Brownrigg, located in the basement of the store. At Swan Dive, shoppers will find vintage clothing along with an edited assortment of consignment from contemporary brands.
310 Occidental Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square


Save the best for last. Or at least that's what Rachel and I said to ourselves when we visited. Likelihood is a hidden gem on Capitol Hill that carries footwear and accessories for men and women and we were so delighted by the friendliness of the staff. Featured brands include Nike, Puma, and Vans, but you'll also find a mix of international brands like Hender Scheme, Spalwart, and Golden Goose. I'm also a big fan of the Maison Louis Marie candles and perfume oils because they make great gifts! No. 4 is the best scent of all and has notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and nutmeg. 
1101 E. Union St. Seattle, WA 98122
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

The retail industry is currently experiencing a major shift and it's more important than ever to shop local when you can- even if you're not making a big purchase, the small ones add up too. Yes, it may be more convenient to shop online and get door side delivery, but when you do that you miss out on the magical serendipity that happens when you visit a store in person. Rachel and I had so much fun chatting with store employees about what's new, what's coming, and what's been selling really well. It's valuable market insight that you can't get anywhere else, and when local shops go out of business, so does their localized assortment. If you enjoy visiting neighborhood shops and finding exactly what you need, shop local. Statistics show that for every $100 you spend locally, $68 stays in the community vs. only $43 when you shop at a national chain. 

So get out there and have fun exploring Seattle! We have so many incredible boutiques that you can't find anywhere else in the world. Tag us in your Instagram photos so that we can see what shops and boutiques you stumbled upon! I'm @Sydlovesfashion and Rachel is on IG @Rachel.Waldorf. And if you like our video, please share it with your friends! 

Join The OULA Company this weekend at Hitchcock Madrona for a special weekend trunk show featuring THE SHIFT, the newest silhouette to the collection. The OULA Company specializes in contemporary womenswear, accessories, and home goods with a focus on global textile and craft traditions. Learn more about founder Dr. Erika Dalya Massaquoi here.

Event Details

What: The OULA Company Trunk Show
When: Saturday, June 1, 2019
Where: Hitchcock Madrona 1422 34th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122
Time: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

The first Women of Color FashTech Brunch on the West Coast was held at W Bellevue over the weekend. The event, designed to bring the fashion, tech, and media community together, was held in partnership with W Bellevue as part of the global event series, WHAT SHE SAID. Sydney Mintle of Gossip & Glamour moderated the discussion which featured a variety of voices including Brittany Hicks of Girls in Fashion & Tech, Amy Newton of Amazon Fashion Partnerships, Jessica Couch of Luxor and Finch, and Brandy Brown of Marabou Design.

The discussion covered a variety of topics including the challenges faced by fashion brands when it comes to diversity and inclusion, why size inclusion is vital to sustainability, and the importance of inclusion in academia to ensure a diverse stream of talent in the working world.

The truth is, while we are making strides to address diversity and inclusion in fashion, tech, and media, we still have a long way to go. We need to create diverse narratives and visuals in fashion so that people can experience a true sense of belonging and celebrate being exactly who they are. We also need more people behind-the-scenes in positions of power to continue advocating for this and helping brands to take the first step in the right direction.

The event included a fashion marketplace featuring a variety of vendors including andieanderin, Cultro Clothing, Lika Love, and more. Guests enjoyed a fireside chat, coveted networking opportunities over brunch, and signature cocktails provided by Ketel One.

Created by Brittany Hicks and Jessica Couch, The Women of Color FashTech Brunch is an event series designed to empower women of color who are pursuing careers in fashion, media, and technology fields. After hosting several successful events in New York and launching a fashion + tech podcast at SXSW in Austin called WTF Fashion (Will Tech Fix Fashion), the duo has announced plans to continue expanding the brunch around the country. "We believe that community is the foundation of progress and growth for women of color in fashion and technology," says event producer Brittany Hicks. "We want to provide a network of support for women in fashion, tech, and media who feel marginalized," adds Jessica Couch.

Sponsors of the What She Said x Women of Color FashTech Brunch included W Bellevue, Gossip & Glamour, Boxed Up, Remodista, Cultro, and Luxor and Finch. View the full What She Said x Women of Color FashTech Brunch photo gallery by Vivian Hsu here.

Calling all K-Beauty fans! The new K Banana store at University Village is now open! What started as a seasonal pop-up is now a year-round destination for Seattleites to get their K-Beauty fix. If you liked the pop-up, you are going to LOVE the new store.

The interior features playful, wall-to-wall murals handpainted by local artist Jesse Brown. It's literally a color explosion that begs to be Instagrammed. Designer Austin Hicks of Glass Box Gallery also worked closely with the team to create beautiful, custom fixtures for the store that showcase product and double as art installations.

"Korean beauty products are known for their bright colors and whimsical packaging, so we designed a unique, immersive experience to complement that feeling," said Yates. Shoppers will K Banana's signature vending machine face mask wall, a BIY (Beauty It Yourself) gifting station featuring travel-size K-beauty products, accessories, and candy, and a variety of new product lines including the new makeup and skincare collection by K-Pop boy band sensation BTS.

One fun fact: Korean beauty is clean beauty. All of the products carried in the store and made with the highest quality ingredients and without all of the things you hate, like parabens and gross chemicals. If you're concerned about clean ingredients in your beauty and skincare products, you'll enjoy the curated selection at K Banana.

The new store is located at University Village next door to Sole Food and Amour Vert. To celebrate the grand opening, K Banana will be offering a special gift with purchase, while supplies last. Follow the K-beauty action on Instagram @hellokbanana.

The infamous Prairie Underground Sample sale will be held in Seattle June 1-2 at the Prairie Underground warehouse in Georgetown. Shoppers will find samples from the archives, prototypes that never made it to production, and styles from last season at 50-70% off retail prices. Sizes range from XS-XXL and new inventory will be added each day. This is a fabulous opportunity to get your hands on Prairie Underground tops, dresses, denim, sweatshirts, and outerwear that are made with love right here in Seattle.

Founders Davora Lindner and Camilla Eckersley are currently working on their 60th collection for the brand. The duo is committed to keeping production in the Pacific Northwest by using a mix of sewing contractors and in-house production teams to provide meaningful employment and maintain visibility within the supply chain.

Prairie Underground is conceived as a modern uniform for everyday wear. Created in homage to romantics and iconoclasts, the brand is inspired by artists, activists, and musicians. The garments are comfortable, durable, and designed to complement all ages and body types.

What: Prairie Underground Sample Sale

When: June 1 - June 2

Where: Prairie Underground 940 S. Harney St. Seattle, WA 98108
* Parking and entrance around back on Vale St. 

Time: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Follow along on Instagram @prairieundergound.

The wait is over and Seattle finally has a chance to share its style story with the world! The MOHAI Seattle Style: Fashion/Function exhibit opens to the public on Saturday, May 4th and will be on view until October 14th. The exhibit features fashion that was made, worn, and styled in Seattle from the mid-1800s to the present. Curated by MOHAI's Collection Specialist for Costumes and Textiles Clara Berg, the exhibit is informative, exciting, and will likely disrupt any preconceived notions you may have had about Seattle fashion.

"Seattle has a rich history of clothing makers and style leaders," said Berg. "Outdoor gear, casual wear, and grunge are connected to key parts of our history and had a national and international impact. There are many stories of high fashion in Seattle as well - people who wore it, stores that imported it, and designers who made it."

Highlights of the exhibit include a chevron print hostess dress circa 1971 that was sold by Seattle retailer John Doyle Bishop, a green wool ski jacket circa 1948 made by the Seattle Woolen Company, a silk Schiaparelli butterfly print evening gown made in Paris and worn in Seattle around 1937, a pair of 1994 Union Bay short overalls, Tommy Bahama Hawaiian print shirts, and even a beanie and sweater worn in the early 90s by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

The exhibit is accompanied by a companion book which was edited by Berg and features a forward by Seattle-based fashion designer Luly Yang. In the book, you'll find an overview of each thematic section of the exhibit along with the stories that bring each piece to life. Eager fashion fans will get to dive deeper into the stories of treasured Seattle brands like Filson, REI, Nordstrom, and Eddie Bauer, while also learning about some of the contemporary brands in the city like Buki, who is best known for its innovative fiber technology.

Sponsors of the exhibit include Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, ArtsFund, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and more. Here are 5 things you need to know about the new exhibit opening to the public on Saturday, May 4th.

#1 - The exhibit was the brainchild of curator Clara Berg
Clara recognized that people often dismissed Seattle fashion or questioned its existence altogether, but her role as Collections Specialist for Costume and Textiles provided her with rare insight into the museum's archive of over 30,000 garments, accessories, and flat textiles. She knew Seattle was long overdue to tell its style story and that motivated her to bring this exhibit to life.

#2 - The exhibit was a group effort
Over 30 members of the Seattle fashion community shared their unique fashion insight with MOHAI over the past year as part of the advisory committee for the exhibit. The group included Jill Donnelly of Baby & Company, designer Suk Chai of SCHAI, Davora Lindner of Prairie Underground, Colin Berg of Eddie Bauer, and more.

#3 - The companion book is a must-have
I can't say enough good things about the hardcover companion book that accompanies the exhibit. Written by Clara Berg with a foreword by Luly Yang, this book covers Seattle fashion in a way its never been explored before. There are so many interesting stories featured in the book that truly help readers understand Seattle's signature style and how it's evolved into what it is today.

#4 - The fashion programming is really good
The museum has curated an epic line-up of programming to support the exhibit including lectures on ethical fashion, new Behind the Seams events hosted by curator Clara Berg, 30-minute Seattle style tours, a fashion show featuring the work of student designers at Seattle Pacific University, a full Seattle style month in September, and more. View the full MOHAI calendar of events here.

#5 - This exhibit is helping to change the narrative about Seattle fashion
As someone who's been blogging about the Seattle style scene since 2008, I am SO EXCITED to see this exhibit finally come to life. We have so much to celebrate and be proud of. The fact of the matter is, we have contributed so much to the global style scene by being exactly who we are: innovators and rule breakers.

MOHAI is located in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood at 860 Terry Ave. N. Learn more about the style exhibit here.

Tickets are ALMOST gone to the 4th Annual Gossip & Glamour Style Summit taking place May 14th at MOHAI. It has been a true honor producing this event over the past four years to help bring the style blogging community together in real life and I can tell you first hand, you don't want to miss this amazing, only-happens-once-a-year event. Yes, I'm partial, but as someone who has been blogging in the Seattle market since 2008, I can tell you that this event is unlike anything you've experienced before because it's hyper-local and incredibly focused on market-specific tips, techniques, and strategies for growth.  This is the only fashion event in Seattle that brings the blogging community offline for a full day of connection and community-building to talk about what really matters, in real time. It was hard to narrow down the list, but here are the top 5 reasons you need to attend the Gossip & Glamour Style summit this year:

#1 - The line-up of speakers is amazing
This year we focused heavily on building a diverse group of panelists who could each chime in with their own unique point of view and experience. The line-up includes Melody Todd of Honest Chatter, Lestraundra Alfred of The Balanced Black Girl, April Pride Of Like Minds, Liz Kang Yates of K Banana, social media strategist and photographer Karla Melgarejo, banker and photographer Masoud Torabi, fashion consultant Jessica Couch of Luxor and Finch, Brittany Hicks of Girls in Fashion and Tech, Youtuber Monica Church, style blogger Tiffany Ishiguro, retailer Moorea Seal, Andrew Hoge of Seattle magazine, and Ayla Hopkins of Voda Health. We are also extremely excited to feature Clara Berg of MOHAI who curated the Seattle style exhibit opening to the public on May 4th.

#2 - We get to talk about fashion all day long
If you think there's no fashion community in Seattle, this event will happily prove otherwise. We've had countless industry professionals attend over the years and they all come back to tell us, "I finally found my people at the Style Summit!"

#3 - The panelists are honest and unfiltered
At the Style Summit, you won't find people reading from scripts to stay "on message", instead, you'll find real people taking a deep dive into subjects that matter most. This year we added a panel on mental health for creatives so that we can have an honest conversation about the highs and lows of blogging. I can't tell you how many times bloggers have come to me in despair because they're upset about the Instagram algorithms or they feel like they can't keep up with their peers on social media. Or worse, they can't find a healthy balance between their online personas and their real life. This is what we sign up for when we embark on our blogging journey and we should all be establishing boundaries in order to preserve our sanity.

#4 - You'll be in the room with key fashion industry players who are open to partnerships and collabs
If you want to get strategic about how to build your fashion brand or business, this is the event for you. The Gossip & Glamour Style Summit draws a unique mix of fashion industry professionals, influencers, and brands who are all doing amazing things in the community and this is your chance to network with them.

#5 - We're offering flexible ticket options this year
Look, we get that a mid-week, daytime fashion event is hard to swing if you have a traditional 9-5 job. (Even though we all know that Tuesday, May 14th might be the day you *happen* to call in sick.) That's why, for the first time ever, we're offering flexible ticket options so that guests can attend in the morning, afternoon, or all day.

I hope you'll join me for an amazing day of insight and inspiration on May 14th at MOHAI! We're going to start off with an overview of the Seattle style exhibit with Curator Clara Berg and end with a Future of Fashion panel hosted by Andrew Hoge of Seattle magazine. It's going to be a full spectrum day of fashion. Get your ticket now! Oh, and if that's not enough to convince you, just check out some of these amazing photos captured by photographer Vivian Hsu from last year's event at W Bellevue.

Let's talk diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, shall we? First of all, I had the BEST time at the Women of Color FashTech Brunch in New York during Fashion Week. The experience allowed me to be fully immersed in a conversation that covered everything from how to carve out career pathways for women of color in tech, to what is really means to embrace cultural diversity in the workplace. The conversation was raw, unfiltered, and incredibly inspiring. I'm thrilled to announce that I'm part of the team that is helping to bring this fabulous event to Seattle, May 18th at W Bellevue. The #powerbrunch will be part of the W Hotels What She Said event series and feature a variety of female thought-leaders including Brittany Hicks of Girls in Fashion & Tech, Jessica Couch of Luxor and Finch, Brandy Brown of Marabou Design, and Amy Newton, Head of Fashion Partnerships at Amazon. The event will include a fireside panel discussion, brunch, brand activations, and more.

Tickets are $40 and include a 3-course brunch, morning coffee + mimosas, access to the panel discussion, and post-event brand activations and networking. Click here for tickets.

What: Women of Color FashTech Brunch
When: Saturday, May 18, 2019
Where: W Bellevue
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Tickets: $40 via Eventbrite
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