About Sydney

Hi! My name is Sydney and I'm a style blogger in Seattle. I am known for having my finger on the pulse when it comes to the best boutiques, designers, salons, and spas in the Northwest.  I got my start in the fashion industry working on the sales floor at a local boutique and quickly worked my way up the corporate ladder and into the fashion office. I now own a fashion PR company called Gossip & Glamour.

I've traveled around the world to places like China, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong and London. I'm a Virgo. I'm passionate about supporting Seattle-based brands and businesses. I'm madly in love with my family. I have a gorgeous husband and two amazing kids. Life is but a dream.

One thing I'm very passionate about is bringing like-minded people together to share ideas and find creative ways to collaborate. In the spring of 2016,  I brought 70+ members of the fashion blogging community together for a day of insight and inspiration at the inaugural Stylish & Seattle event. I did it again in 2017 at The Thompson for an even bigger summit featuring 100+ style bloggers. I am a natural connector and love bringing together creative people and big ideas. This year we partnered with the W as part of the What She Said series to produce our 3rd annual Style Summit featuring local fashion leaders and brands. Check out event coverage, interviews, and press clips here.

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