Oct 28, 2008

Maple XO Jewelry

The annual Thread show happened over the weekend at Fisher Pavilion in Seattle. Due to the current state of the economy the show was smaller than it has been in the past- but it still featured some of Seattle's best fashion labels including Sabrina Love Handbags, Jeepney Clothing and a full range of dresses from Suzabelle.

My favorite find at the Thread show was jewelry from the Maple XO line by designer Lindsay Holmes. Her business concept is simple (and eco-friendly):

1- Collect old, discarded and damaged skateboards from local skate shops

2- Assess the damage of each board and review pieces of the wood that can be salvaged

3- Create fabulous jewelry by recycling the wood and wheels

Lindsay makes earrings and bracelets and since every item is one-of-a-kind it goes without saying that it's, well, limited edition. In recent months Lindsay has also added adorable make-up mirrors to her product mix. For more info check out www.maplexo.com


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