Oct 19, 2008

Heelarious Baby High Heels

Well first I have to thank my girlfriend Amy for being pregnant with a little baby girl because otherwise I might not have had an excuse to buy satin pink baby high heels. You may have seen these Heelarious Baby High Heels on The Today Show or in The New York Post (who wouldn't want their baby to be fully decked out in high heels for a long stroller ride in the park?)

I'm happy to annouce that I got the last pair off Amazon.com but don't worry- there's a ton of local boutiques that carry them including Curtsy Bella (2920 NE Blakeley Street). The baby high heels are so popular the staff at Curtsy Bella can barely keep them in stock.

The company is called 'Heelarious' because that's generally people's first reaction when they see babies wearing high heels. For more info check out http://www.heelarious.com/

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JessicaLee said...

OMG. I always knew I wanted a baby girl, but now I really do. How adorable... and how appropriate for fashionistas who become mothers!

I predict we will be buying these for each other in a couple of years.

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