Oct 6, 2009

Introducing Bridget Bergman Designs

By the time Brit Bergman was 16 she was already traveling around the globe as a model. It was through her experience working on the other end of the lense that Brit realized she wanted to pursue a career working on the creative end of the industry. After pursuing a fashion degree she launched her own line and hasn’t looked back since. "I wanted to create outerwear for women because we are all at the mercy of the climate that we live in and when we put a lot of effort into getting dressed everyday. What we put on top of that should be an extension of our style and make us feel excited to brave the outdoors everyday," says Brit.

Through her own line Brit has managed to carefully fuse together the ease of West Coast style with the sophistication and styling of the East Coast. Her line of outerwear, which includes beautiful raincoats that are made using recycled materials, offers women a balance between fashion and environmental sustainability. "It was important to me, while selecting fabrics, to look for ones that incorporated being environmentally friendly,"says Brit, "I was very excited when I found our raincoat material because it is partially made from recycled paper as well as being wind and water proof and stain and wrinkle resistant."

Bridget Bergman is based out of Vancouver, B.C. For more info or to shop online click here.

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