Oct 6, 2009

My Belated Birthday Present: thinknow earrings!

In the mail today I recieved a belated birthday present from my friend Becky at thinknow designs. thinknow is a local eco-friendly jewelry line that has a great metallics collection for fall (which fits right in to the 80’s theme!) The metallic earrings are made from a rich walnut using metallic paper. Designer Becky Ellis notes that these beautiful earrings are the perfect way to transition your jewelry from summer to fall while still being eco-friendly. “The Metallic Papers we use allow us an eco-alternative to traditional precious metals with a range of metallic, pearlescent and irridescent colors that are both sophisticated and natural,” says Becky. To shop the thinknow collection click here.

thinknow products are made from 100% natural materials and water-based adhesives. All wood products are sourced from managed growth forests and the products are sealed with beeswax and linseed oil. The packaging is recycled-content cardboard durable enough for reuse in storing and displaying all of your favorite pieces.The wood and papers that form all thinknow jewelry, accessories, and decor are all garden-safe compostable products that can be tossed into your recylce bin, or turned into naturally decomposed organic matter in your garden or compost containers. LOVE.

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Replica Jewelry said...

What a nice collection of earrings. These earrings are looking very beautiful. Their design and color combination both are looking absolutely marvelous. I just love these earrings.

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