Nov 24, 2009

Beauty Bag Must-Have: TATCHA Aburatoriga

My days are non-stop and one of the things I’m not willing to compromise despite my chaotic schedule is a fresh face. After a long day my skin gets shiny and that’s why I never leave home without oil absorbing blotting papers. Lifting excess oil from the skin is the best way to avoid breakouts and give skin a fresh finish no matter how crazy your day may be.

I recently discovered TATCHA Aburatorigami oil blotting papers and now I’m addicted and won’t leave home without them! Tatcha is 100% natural, free of harmful chemicals and also eco-friendly. Each sheet is handmade and comes from the same gold leaf artisan village in Japan where it all started 300 years ago. This is the first time the product is available in the United States.

“I’ve been enraptured with beauty care all my life – first as a passionate consumer, then as an assistant in my mother’s cosmetics boutique, and later as a marketer for one of the leading global beauty care companies,” says founder Vicky Tsai, “It wasn’t until I worked with an online consumer products rating service that I learned about the environmental and health hazards posed by the conventional beauty industry that I had always loved.” That realization led Vicky to dedicate two years to researching heritage beauty secrets from the Far East where green is not just a buzz word, but an entire way of life. “Finding out that I am going to be a mother for the first time has also been a source of inspiration,” Vicky added, “Because it’s made me want to do everything that I can to bring my daughter into a healthy, beautiful world.”

TATCHA Aburatorigami Japanese blotting paper come in packs of 30 sheets for $12 and shipping is always free. The sheets flawlessly remove excess oil and sweat without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin. Plus, the sheets are powder free, so they won’t deposit any additional powder to the skin when absorbing oil.

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