Dec 1, 2009

Must-Have Fashion Books

In my dreams heaven is always a beautiful library with comfy armchairs and rows and rows of fashion and beauty books. I think it’s partially because I fell in love with fashion books before I got into the industry and partially because I’m addicted to collecting fashion books for my home. Every year at least several fashion books end up on my holiday list and this year is no exception. Here are my must-haves for this Christmas.

The Fashion Book by Phaidon Press. This book features a condensed version of the last 150 years of fashion and includes models, fashion designers, accessory designers, makeup artists, hair dressers, retailers, illustrators, photographers and more.

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman. According to author Karen Karbo “weaves Chanel's life story into chapter themes that subtly convey life lessons and leave the reader utterly entranced with Chanel's amazing individuality, confidence, and determination. The story of the designer's extraordinary life and rise to unprecedented success is both compelling and admirable. And while the great Coco may have launched her singular empire a hundred years ago, her methods, attitude, and elan are as relevant and modern as ever, and perhaps more appealing”. This book is a must-have for anyone who admires fashion industry icons.

How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label by Toby Meadows. I got this book while in London and it was a great read! It goes over all the crucial components of the business of fashion from marketing to manufacturing and how to find the money to finance it all.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America and Lisa Marsh American Fashion Cookbook. If cooking is your thing (or even if it’s not) this book is filled with stylish recipes from all over the fashion industry.

Girl on Top by Nicole Williams. This girl friendly guide by career expert Nicole Williams shows you how to handle any work situation and come out on top.  In the book Nicole introduces twenty tried-and-true dating rules such as "Don't Give Away the Milk for Free" and "Don't Waste the Pretty" and reveals how they can be applied just as effectively in the office.

Underneath it All by Jennifer Carroll and Kathy Schultz, a guide to buying lingerie. Discover the best styles to show off your assets, build our lingerie wardrobe, and ensure the perfect fit.

The Teen Vogue Handbook is designed to be an Insiders Guide to Careers in Fashion.  It has over 280+ pages of tips, interviews and advice on how to break your way into the industry.  Designer interviews in the book include Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch and more! Anna Wintour says, "This book is an indespensable resource for anybody who aspires to work as a designer, stylist, photographer- or anywhere in the industry." 



vuesociety said...

you forgot a couple... "deluxe" "why we buy" "fashion brands"

Sydney Loves Fashion said...

Those books are all really old. =) This is a list of current fashion industry books.

Fashion Illustrator said...

Oh! Thanks for this information. I've been looking for such books for quite a while. I need to learn more about fashion and hope those books will be useful for me.

Sydney Loves Fashion said...

Another fave book out right now is The Satorialist. It's a must-have on my list.

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