Jun 16, 2010

Gem Kitty Jewelry

I love jewelry and I've always considered myself somewhat of a designer so when I heard about Gem Kitty Jewelry, a site that lets you custom design your own pieces for an affordable price I was intrigued. You can design your own pair of earrings or a custom necklaces using an easy online design application and allows you to come up with thousands of possibilities. The site is really easy to use. Silhouttes for earrings are already picked out, you just pick one, select a gemstone by color, then pick a specific stone and the mock-up of your custom piece appears instantly along with a price quote. Brilliant~! Click here to try it out!

Gem Kitty is based in Portland, Oregon so despite the fact that I live in Seattle, I still feel like I'm shopping local. :-) But don't worry if you're not local, Gem Kitty is offering free standard shipping on all purchases.


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