Jun 19, 2010

Fashion & Technology

Ten years ago it seemed natural to say that music and fashion went hand in hand. Now it's overwhelmingly obvious that technology and fashion go hand in hand. From online video streams of live fashion shows to the sea of social media that fashion brands are now using to stay in touch with their customers- there's just no escaping technology when it comes to the world of fashion. That explains why the fashion industry is racing to keep up with the flood of new technology devices that have recently hit the market so that they can offer their clients a chance to put their own stylish spin on what could potentially be a borderline geeky device.

Gucci recently unveiled their designer take on the iPad case using their signature double-G logo on neoprene fabric. Priced at $230 the iPad cases are lined in soft suede and have a strap closure to keep the touch screen in top shape. The cases are now available in Gucci flagship stores in a variety of cities including Rome, Milan, Paris and of course, New York.

Speaking of technology, Pucci unveiled a new Japan-only cellphone for fashion die-hards in the city. The new phone comes in solid pink, purple, black or a sleek limited edition silver and has an operating system that includes Pucci-style animations by Italian artist Felice Limosani.


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