Dec 2, 2010

5 Fashion Resources I can't Live Without

No fashion addict can go it alone. In a world dominated by globalization the fashion industry depends on key resources to stay up to date on style trends. Here are the 5 fashion resources I can't live without.

The site recently merged with the Fairchild Group to become somewhat of an online fashion hub. I love the fabulous runway pics that are promptly posted during fashion week. The ready-to-wear database goes back 10 years which is great for style research and inspiration. I also love the regular updates in the Fashion News section. And for all you urban sophisticates out there- check out the Street Style section of

The New York Times does a great job of reporting fashion news from a factual and objective point of view. Start your week off right by curling up with a copy of the Sunday Style section of the NY Times and a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. You'll find a rich collection of articles including special reports penned by Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune. If you want to stay up to date on all things fashion you'll also want to check out the Thursday edition of The New York Times which always includes a special style section.

I'm a fashion fanatic so I subscribe to both the print and online edition of Women's Wear Daily. I find that I'm constantly seeking up-to-the minute access to the website but still love the idea of leafing through the print edition while lounging at home or in the office. Women's Wear Daily truly focuses on the business of fashion and is often first to break industry news to the masses.

#4- The Cut from New York Magazine
The New York Daily magazine's fashion blog (and daily email) always keeps me up to speed on what's going on in the world of fashion. News about what my favorite designers are working on, plus what sales to hit make this site a MUST on my bookmark list. This site also has a great fashion calendar, a model manual, and a great fashion show archive loaded with pictures and easy-to-use search functions.

#5- London Evening Standard/Fashion Section
While honeymooning in London I fell in love with the London Evening Standard and became instantly addicted to the fashion stories in the Life & Style section. Reporters cover what to wear this week, profile designers and share behind-the-scenes stories on what's going on in the London fashion industry this-very-minute.

Have a great fashion resource you can't live without? We'd love to hear about it! Leave us a comment or send us an email!

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