Dec 13, 2010

Total Type A Obsession

I'm a total Type A personality. You know the type: organized, always planning, borderline annoying. Yes. That's totally me- and one of the ways I stay organized is by hoarding Behance Action notebooks. I normally get them from a boutique called Blackbird but for those of you that don't live in Seattle you can also get them online directly from Behance. The Action Book was designed by the Behance team and is based on the Action Method and the idea that there are too many ideas in the world and not enough action. Further, without organization and productivity brilliant ideas never come to life. I carry mine around and always get compliments when I attend meetings about how "organized" I am. :) It's nerdy, but I secretly love it. Save 15% on all Behance Products now through December 25th using webcode: HOLIDAY10B. These notebooks make a great gift for your scatter-brained friends who need a little help reigning it in. Cheers!


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