Feb 16, 2011

The Perfect Tan @ Spa Scotta

You don't have to be Snooki to appreciate a golden glow. Drop in to Spa Scotta now through March 16th for The Perfect Tan at a can't-miss-price of $25 (regularly $45). Sunless Tanning is a great alternative to traditional tanning beds which can prematurely age your skin. The Spa Scotta system was developed in Australia and delivers a tan that looks great on all skin types, never yellow or orange (sorry Snooki!)

Spa Scotta
4915 25th Avenue NE Ste #103
Seattle, WA 98105


deutscheblonde said...

Spa Scotta tans are the best! and for 25 bucks...you can't beat that!

spray tan in oakville said...

Wow that is great! She luks like a million bucks

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