Feb 20, 2011

LUCKY shops Seattle

I've always felt that Seattle has some really great places to shop, it's the very reason I launched this blog several years ago. Seattle has a signature style that is genuine, unique and constantly evolving. Apparently Lucky magazine feels the same way because they recently featured some of Seattle's best boutiques in their March issue.

Lucky mag Editor at Large Elise Loehnen gave kudos to one of my personal favorites, Blackbird in Ballard, calling it "wildly hyped" but "well-deserved". Madison Valley's Canopy Blue also made the list of the hottest places to shop in the Pacific Northwest.

Page 2 of the spread noted many places to shop that even I haven't ventured (and I shop a lot!) including Far 4 on First Avenue (far4.net), Great Jones Home (1921 Second Ave.) and the Fremont Vintage Mall.

Also making the list were Kimberly Baker Jewelry, Kirk Albert in Georgetown, Laguna Vintage Pottery, Lambs Ear Shoes, Lucca Great Finds in Ballard, and Merge in Fremont.

Rounding out the list were Red Ticking on Madison, Totokaelo on Western, Watson Kennedy on First Ave. and Velocity Art & Design on Yale. Congrats to the featured businesses- and thanks for making Seattle such a fabulous place to shop!



cozbi hultz said...

You didn't include the shop they listed at #1: Alhambra! They supplied the killer Gary Graham look! Please please be sure to mention them!

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