Jul 7, 2011

Yohji Exhibit to Close July 10

If you're in London (or will be in the next few days), don't miss designer Yohji Yamamoto's work on display at the Victoria & Albert museum. The exhibit has been on view since March will close on July 10th.

Here's an excerpt from the V&A site describing the exhibit:

Yamamoto became internationally renowned in the early eighties for challenging traditional notions of fashion by designing garments that seemed oversized, unfinished, played with ideas of gender or fabrics not normally used in fashionable attire such as felt or neoprene. Other works revealed Yamamoto's unusual pattern cutting, knowledge of fashion history and sense of humour. His work is characterised by a frequent and skilful use of black, a colour which he describes as 'modest and arrogant at the same time'.

This retrospective, experienced through a series of site-specific installations throughout the V&A and beyond, includes Yamamoto's menswear for the first time. The main exhibition space houses over 60 creations and a multi-media timeline which reveals Yamamoto's wider creative output.

Love fashion? You may also like these Yohji Yamamoto videos.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is located at Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL

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dacey said...

Yohji is really awesome and i like his collection.It is totally different and unique and i would definitely love to visit his show.

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