Oct 26, 2011

Local Photographer Unveils NYC Fashion Week Photos

Photographer, David Wentworth, takes you beyond the velvet ropes and rows of celebrities into a realm of modern mythology.

While on assignment for the Village Voice in New York City covering 2011 Fashion Week, Wentworth, foregoing requisite shots of Anna Wintour and Lindsey Lohan, was much more intrigued by the stories behind the scenes than on the runway.

Beyond our image conscious brain is a need for connection. In these photographs that need is realized, as he documents moments of tenderness, trust, jealousy, joy, and ambition in a world known mostly for its shallowness. Each photograph is a story, full of depth.

His photographs neither glamorize nor exploit, but elevate feminine mystique. He finds moments of peace in backstage chaos, as well times of turmoil and humor. One model screams out in agony as several smiling hairstylists go to town on her locks. Another captures a moment between model and make up artist that is so tender, so pure that it makes you want to call your best friend.

These images are not only fascinating and beautiful, they are technically masterful. Wentworth composes with light, creatively capitalizing on all available sources, be it the latest flash-gun quickly deployed from his belt, a piece of cardboard covered in tin-foil, or the erie hue of a spotty fluorescent bulb. In one photo, light pours through a halo of hairspray as two hair stylists attack a hair-do from opposing sides. Every piece teeters on the edge of chaos and symmetry. His camera finds deep perspective and always, perfectly defined intention. The photographs may be spontaneous, but he has seen it coming.

What: Behind the Light: Inside NYC Fashion Week- Photography Exhibit by David Wentworth

When: Saturday November 12th, 2011 from 6-9pm

Where: Suite 300 Skin Care Studio - 5424 Ballard Avenue Northwest #300 - Seattle, WA 98107


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