Mar 4, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Wear Spring '12 Trends

There are so many fun (and colorful) ways to incorporate the hottest trends of the season into your wardrobe without sacrificing your bank account or personal style. Here are 5 of our favorite Spring trends and easy ways to make them work for you.

# 1 Color Block
Whether you're picking two colors to stack or even three or more, the color block trend is a fun way to wear several of the season's hottest colors at once (as shown above at the DSquared2 Spring '12 show). The fun part about this trend is that you can pick any color from your color block to match back to other colors in your outfit. The model above has a marigold ruffle in her skirt that ties back to the yellow Tiger on her shirt.

This Milly dress (left) shows a more classic way to wear the color block trend using large "blocks" of color and adding a belt. The color block dress can easily work for the office by adding a blazer or work for a night on the town by adding some strappy black sandals. You could even take this dress a step further by swapping out the belt for another color like red, and continuing to build on the color block trend.

Budget Friendly Tip:
Test drive the color block trend at home by wearing a black dress with a brightly colored oversized belt. If you're wanting to sample this trend on the sly, pair your solid color dress with a skinny belt instead.


# 2 (Not so mellow) Yellow
Yellow was seen so many times on the runway for Spring '12 that some fashion magazines called it "the new neutral". You don't have to wear it head to toe (as shown above from Elie Tahari) to get the full effect you can try it in smaller doses to ease this sunny color into your wardrobe.

Start small with this trend by trying a yellow blouse or tank that can be layered with other things you already own. A charcoal grey blazer and a black pencil skirt could make this blouse appropriate for work.

If wearing yellow too close to your face makes you worry about your complexion opt for a yellow handbag, clutch or even a pair of yellow sandals. This trend is meant to bring a smile to your face and add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Color Tip:
If you have light skin opt for pastel yellows to compliment your skin tone. If you have darker skin pick a more intense yellow (even neon!) to make your skin tone really stand out.


# 3 Lady Lace
Romance is in the air this season as lace makes a major comeback. This is one of our favorite trends of the season because lace is versatile, easy to wear and shockingly wrinkle resistant making it a good pick for travel. Valentino showed cotton lace dresses (above) with flat sandals for spring in an effort to show that lace can be dressed down for a very casual but still beautiful look.

Lace doesn't need to be worn head to toe to get the full effect. This season lace blouses are in high demand because they make it easy to layer on top of tanks you already own and under jackets you already wear.

Try a lace cami tank under a sweater or v-neck tee for a casual feel or play up your outfit with lace inspired accessories such as a lace-trimmed leather handbag or pair of shoes.

Style Tip:
Pay special attention to the care instructions on any item of clothing you have that has lace. You have to check the fiber content of the lace to determine the best way to clean it. Cotton lace may shrink in the dryer so it's often best to lay flat to dry. Lace is delicate so be careful when laundering to avoid any laundry-induced mishaps. (And yes, I'm speaking from experience on this one.)


# 4 White Out
Why should white be reserved just for the bride? This season anyone can wear white - and they should! White was all over the red carpet for The Oscars and it's just about everywhere for spring.

If wearing white makes you paranoid about spilling red wine on yourself at a party (yes, it's happened to us) build up your nerve with a champagne colored dress instead like this one (shown, left) by Diane Von Furstenberg.

You can play up a nude dress with pop color accessories like a colorful clutch or brightly colored shoes. Or if wearing a white dress seems to bridal-ish for you, try a white sheer blouse with a pair of dark denim jeans instead. Add a pair of pearly white studded earrings and you'll be right on trend.

Style Tip:
If you decide to go big with this trend via a pair of white trousers take them to the tailor and have the pocket bags taken out and sewn shut. This step takes the bulk out of the hip area and creates a smoother silhouette.


# 5 The Printed Dress

The printed dress is another trend that's super easy to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe as you transition from winter to spring. Polish it up by adding a belt (as shown above at Luca Luca) or downplay the look by adding boots and a button-down boyfriend sweater. The printed dress is the perfect pick for a spring wedding or special event because it's fun, playful and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

When dabbling in the printed dress trend this season play around with the accessories you use to achieve the "total look". If you want to downplay a feminine dress add some edge to your outfit by pairing it with a leather jacket (as pictured left by Vanessa Bruno Atche from Take it a step even further by adding a belt and a great leather bag for a night in the city with the girls.

Style Tip:
To add prints to your wardrobe this season pair a neutral colored jacket with a colorful printed scarf to instantly add interest to your outfit. You can also try printed shoes or handbags to test drive this trend.

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