Mar 19, 2012

Hearts, Henna and Stripes for Spring

PACT, makers of everyday essentials and apparel for people looking to make a positive impact on the world, is excited to debut new items from the Spring 2012 SHARE THE LOVE collection.The all-new underwear and sock collection feature artist-designed prints reflecting the theme in bold designs and bright colorways, all on premium organic cotton. Designed by artist Jon Marro, PACT’s SHARE THE LOVE collection features a modern graphic print of hearts on comfortable bikinis and boy shorts for women, and eco-meets-edgy boxer briefs for men.

Sales from the Share the Love collection will fund the education of 20 orphans in India, the building of one community well in Uganda, and provide more than 2000+ meals to needy families in Detroit. In partnership with Citizen Effect, an organization that encourages everyday people to become citizen philanthropists, proceeds from the Share the Love collection will fuel change and make a clear, positive impact on communities in need.

- Fun Facts about PACT's socks -

  • PACT’s sock factory runs entirely on wind power which reduces energy consumption by up to 45%.
  • Using proprietary technology, PACT socks are knit with combed organic cotton and “bare” or unwrapped lycra which allows us to entirely eliminate the nylon typically found in socks. This reduces the amount of plastic used in the socks by over 90%.
  • Free of nylon, PACT socks are 98% organic combed cotton.
  • The toes on PACT socks are closed with a special machine that eliminates the need for detailed hand work, saving workers’ eyes and fingers, but still provides a flat seam for maximum toe comfort.

- Shop Local -
Find PACT's Share the Love henna line in Seattle at Nordstrom and Kuhlman.

500 Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98101

2419 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

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