May 3, 2012

Style Expert Bobbie Thomas talks Beauty + Fashion

Never mind that she's just flown across the country in time to make a personal appearance at tonight's Wine, Women and Shoes event, or the fact that she was literally "Sleepless in Seattle" last night. NBC Style expert Bobbie Thomas is in good spirits and ready to make some new girlfriends in the Emerald City. 

The "Bobbie's Buzz" segments featured on The Today Show include a range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products that have surfaced as a result of the countless hours of research Bobbie and her team spend in pursuit of little gems that make life easier and more fun. The agreement amongst the team is that they only feature products they would actually use in real life. "When we get together [to plan segments] it feels like a sisterhood,"says Bobbie, "Everyone is included in the conversation, even the interns." 

Bobbie loves helping to spread the word about new products. She understands the validation that on-air segments can provide to companies looking to take their business to the next level. "I love giving brands their moment," says Bobbie.  This is also why her segments on the show are not scripted. Everything is genuine- she truly believes in the products she showcases and uses each segment as an opportunity to connect viewers with great new products that enlighten and inspire. 

Her favorite fashion trend of the season is COLOR. She loves seeing the rainbow of shades that are readily available in stores this season after being absent for far too long. "Color makes you happy. It's so uplifting!" says Bobbie. For some people color might be a "trend", but according to Bobbie when you find the right color that completely brings out your eyes and skin tone, color can instantly become a "classic" in your wardrobe. "Now is the time to invest in colors that look great on you," says Bobbie, "I love seeing women wear color to express their mood and personality!" 

In addition to her love of fashion Bobbie also adores beauty products. Here are her top 3 beauty product must-haves:

1- The MAC by Matt Murphy make-up bag. This bag was designed exclusively for MAC and offers women on-the-go a way to mobilize their make-up case.  "I love that this make-up bag has a handle like a purse!" says Bobbie. 

2- Glo Minerals pressed base face powder. "I've been using this for 10 years. I love the coverage and always come back to this product," says Bobbie. (She also adds that she can't live without the Glo Minerals under eye concealer.)

3- Kate Somerville "ExfoliKate". An exfoliating treatment that smooths and softens skin plus helps with discoloration. "Skincare is so important to me. I love color cosmetics and other products but keeping your skin as a flawless canvas is so important! This product is great!" says Bobbie. 

Bobbie Thomas is the total package. She's smart, sweet, and completely down to earth. Her beauty and style tips are one-of-a-kind and her personal brand of beauty radiates from within. She often refers to herself as a "Fashion + Beauty Expert, and professional girlfriend." I couldn't agree more.  "It isn't just a job if it's what you like. I have so many moments where I stop and just feel grateful," says Bobbie, "I love what I do." 

Find out what goes on Behind the Scenes with Bobbie by visiting Behind the Buzz. You can also catch up with Bobbi on Twitter @BobbieThomas. A select group of lucky VIP's will get to meet her in person tonight at the Wine, Women and Shoes event taking place at The Four Seasons.


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What color does she wear in the Glominerals pressed powder?

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