May 24, 2012

Must-Have Accessory: Grace Carter Shoe Covers

Say goodbye to the days when your had to schlep to work in your "commuter shoes" only to change into your stylish shoes upon arrival.  A second pair of shoes takes up too much space in your bag and let's face it, who wants to decide what pair of shoes to wear based on the weather outside? If you live in Seattle, chances are it's raining. Or will rain. Or has rained the night before. That alone makes me pretty sure the new line of Stylish Shoe covers by Grace Carter is going to catch on quickly with the fashion circuit in the Pacific Northwest- or anywhere in the world where weather is a factor when it comes to fashion. The line made it's debut last fall and Travel + Leisure has already voted this product the "best travel accessory" of 2012.

The shoe covers comes in three silhouettes (round toe, pointed toe and ballet flat) to fit any type of shoe. They fold flat to be stored in a special Grace Carter pouch until their next use which means that the days of carrying around an extra pair of shoes is officially over. Grace Carter shoe covers use innovative, water-resistant material to protect your favorite footwear from rain and snow plus they have stylish, diamond-shaped traction on the sole to keep you from slipping in wet weather conditions. The stretch fabric makes them easy to slip on over your shoes and the back zip helps them slide off with ease once you arrive at your destination. The shoe covers will even fit up to a 5-inch stiletto heel and they're available in classic black or a chic leopard print.

Founder Deborah Haslam came up with the idea of creating stylish shoe covers after finding herself tip-toeing through unsavory weather conditions knowing that there had to be a better way to protect her favorite shoes without sacrificing her personal style. The company is named after her daughter, Grace, and her son, Carter.

The Stylish Shoe Covers by Grace Carter are a game changer. No more worrying about ruining your suede pumps when rain showers dominate the forecast. This means you now can sing (and dance) in the rain without worrying about ruining your shoes!

Available at Nordstrom.

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