Jul 31, 2013

Design inspiration for the urban minimalist

I'll never forget the last party I hosted at my house. A friend came up to me looking confused and said,"Your house is so clean. Where is everything?" To which I smiled and replied, "What do you mean? This is it." I'm a minimalist. The less stuff I have the less there is to clean up and I like it that way. Over the years I've grown to appreciate minimalist design because it gives users the space they need to live their lives without drowning in, well, stuff. Minimalist design doesn't mean stark white walls and zero personality it means strategically choosing beautiful items to create a space that leaves you with plenty of room to grow.

Take for example the Heath sofa from West Elm (pictured left). Described as a soft with "low key sophistication" this sofa can be used as the quiet foundation for any room and be easily customized based on your mood, or the season, with colorful pillows or throws. Photo courtesy of West Elm.

Here's another minimalist style of design
featuring mirrors via Pinterest (pictured left). Decorating with mirrors is a genius way to decorate any space big or small because it allows for so many visual possibilities. In the instance shown here, the designer set up a shelf to match the table and filled the shelves with white framed mirrors that tie back to the frame of the chair. Love. Photo courtesy of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Check out this high-rise condo (pictured left) decorated with a true love of minimalist design. Walls are neutral, the small space features a glass shower stall for urban living and a ladder-inspired bookshelf lines the wall. This space could easily showcase a large painting or series of fresh flowers to give it a "lived in" vibe. Photo courtesy of Comfree Ontario.

An open space gives you room to spread out, live and be creative. I really like the open layout of this living room (pictured left) from Wise Design. The decorative ceiling, minimalist furniture and exposed bookshelves give you enough room to work during the day and entertain after-hours.

Minimalist design can add serenity all over your house, even the bathroom. If product overload and miscellaneous styling tools are taking over your bathroom, maybe it's time for an overhaul. Marble walls, a stark white sink and lots of glass open up the space and let light from the frosted windows flow in.
Photo courtesy of FSlide.com

Last but not least, who needs to go into interior design overload when you have a view like this? Aim to enhance your surroundings with a few beautifully designed pieces and most importantly, don't forget the fresh flowers!
Photo courtesy of Indopic.com.

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