Jul 2, 2013

Seattle menswear boutique Blackbird to close

Today in heartfelt email to loyal client and friends, Nicole Miller announced that after 9 years in business, Blackbird will close it's doors. The menswear boutique located in Ballard has been recognized by numerous fashion magazines including GQ and has successfully created a loyal fashion following around the globe. Here's an excerpt from today's announcement by Nicole:

 "In no way did I expect that people would take notice of my store, that Blackbird would win menswear awards, and that as I traveled the world, kids I met in other stores would freak out when I said that I owned a store in America called Blackbird.  The people were always the best part of this adventure.  The mission started out being about the clothes but quickly the people were what mattered most; to see them as who they are, to inspire them to take one step further than the last, and to let them know it was okay to be themselves.  I didn't know I would affect people.  I didn't know how much you people would affect me."

I know I'm not alone in saying that I'm sad to see it go. I cried when I read Nicole's email. Blackbird is a Ballard staple. Today is a sad day for Seattle Fashion. :( Say farewell to the Blackbird team on Saturday, July 7th from 5-10pm.

Blackbird | 2208 NW Market St. Suite 320 | Seattle | WA | 98107

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