Sep 10, 2015

3 fall fashion "trends" you already own

If you plan to play with fashion this season you'll probably have add a few new pieces to your wardrobe, but chances are you already own some of the season's biggest "trends". Check out our budget-friendly summary below.

If you've been keeping up with trends this year, you probably already own something lace. This trend was everywhere for spring and continues to carry over for fall, which is great for anyone (like me) who bought lace like crazy last season. Pair a lace top with jeans, layer a lace tank under a jacket, couple a lace skirt with a basic tee, or add lace-inspired accessories to dip a toe into the trend. This season you'll find me living in lace dresses paired with ankle boots. End of story. 

Embroidery continues to remain relevant for fall and you won't hear any complaining out of me. I personally love this trend and can't wait to continue wearing it through the season. For fall, I'll pair embroidered tank tops from my summer wardrobe with cozy sweaters and boots, my embroidered dresses will be layered with faux fur vests and my heavily embellished and embroidered bags will get paired with numerous outfit combinations. 

Last but not least, don't save your sparkles for special occasions. This season the cool kids are letting their best metallics shine during the day. That means you can totally wear a sequins jacket with boyfriend jeans. Metallic shoes with a blazer. Even a sequins dress with a leather jacket on a random Wednesday. Remember that sequins clutch you bought to pair with your New Year's Eve outfit? Yep. Bring that out too. Anything goes. Now go have fun playing dress up!


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