Oct 26, 2015

Meet your new best friend: Knack

If gift giving were a competitive sport, I would be in the winner's circle. My holiday shopping routine often goes something like this:
1) brainstorm creative gift ideas
2) find local shops that carry the products I'm looking for
3) run around the city like a crazy person picking up various elements to assemble the gift
4) spend even more time finding a creative way to package each item
5) blow the recipients mind with my thoughtfully curated gifts sourced from local vendors

Yes, it's exhausting but I'd like to think that the recipients of my gifts would agree, it's worth it. Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to shop from a variety of local brands while also being able to completely customize your gift with a personal touch. Say hello to Knack, an incredible new way to satisfy your inner DIY-er while taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping. On the site shoppers can create gifts by choosing from over a thousand high quality products (called knicks) sourced from all over the Pacific Northwest. The site then helps you make a "knack" using whatever vessel suits your fancy including glass jars, paint tins, premium gift boxes or even upcycled bottles. 

The site is incredibly user-friendly and features a variety of local brands I love including Olivine Atelier, Herbivore, Tokyo Milk, Fran's Chocolates, Dachshund Design House, Potluck Press and more. Making a Knack is fun and users also have the option to collaborate with others, instantly making group gifting a lot easier and so much more engaging. There's even an option to split payment among multiple people!

The team recently invited me over to their Capitol Hill office space to create a Knack for my best friend Jessica. Naturally, my custom BFF box includes an array of beauty products mixed with inspiration, celebratory confetti and topped off with a small glitter crown.

Each item is then carefully hand packed into a box (or other vessel) by the Knack team and topped off with a Knack Book that includes a personalized message from the gift giver along with product descriptions for each item so that recipients can get to know the backstory of the brands included in the gift and discover incredible products made right here in the Pacific Northwest.

My BFF box aka the "Soul Sister" is available for sale on the Knack store. You can purchase it as is for the gal pals in your life, or customize it based on your budget and needs. Knacks start at $25 and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Your holiday shopping just got so much easier (like you needed one more thing to stress out about).  You can thank me later.

Knack is a great way to shop local while also having the ability to customize the perfect gift. Tag us in your Knack pics so that we can see what you've created! And don't forget to follow @KnackShops on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 


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JessicaLee said...

I LOVE my Knack, and I love my best friend! Thank you again, Sydney! This is such a great idea and I can't wait to utilize the site.

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