Aug 9, 2016

Fashion Recap: Town & Country Wellness Brunch

One of the perks of being a style blogger in the city is having the opportunity to escape your daily routine and slip into the luxurious world of beauty at a wellness brunch hosted by Town & Country. Beauty Director Jamie Rosen served as the emcee for the event which featured hair stylist Rodney Cutler, dermatologist Dr. Vic Narurkar, lifestyle coach Lara Dalch, and Stuart Leitch, General Manager of Seattle-based Clarisonic. The conversation touched on a variety of beauty and wellness topics including preventative skin care, how to maintain wellness routines while traveling, and the new wave of injectables like Kybella that require zero downtime.

Top takeaways from the event:

- Simple prevention like wearing sunscreen to prevent premature aging can have a major effect on your skin.

- Practice self-care rituals while you are traveling to maintain overall health and wellness. For example, if you run every morning, keep up your routine while away from home.

- Millennials are more likely to get preventative procedures like fillers and injectables to maintain a youthful appearance rather than going under the knife.

- You've heard it a million times, but as it turns out, beauty does come from the inside out, so eat more greens. Your body will thank you.

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