Nov 26, 2018

Here's what you missed: K Ba-Nana Women In Business Event

It seemed only fitting that at the end of my month-long celebration of Gossip & Glamour turning 8 years old, I had the opportunity to moderate the K Ba-Nana Women in Business event at U-Village. The truth is that surrounding myself with around other women in business has been critical to my success as an entrepreneur and it's something I always recommend to others who are just getting started.

The in-store event featured notable women in business including Nordstrom buyer Jillian Peterson, K Ba-Nana founder Liz Kang Yates, Sweet & Power series creator Carolyn Yuen Marino, and Marabou Design founder Brandy Brown. The conversation touched on everything from how each panelist started their careers and what strategies they employed to overcome adversity along the way.
Here are the top 5 takeaways from the discussion:

Listen - Listening is essential for clear communication yet it's often overlooked in business environments. Take the time to properly listen so that you can avoid assumptions and ensure that everyone is working toward the same vision and goal.

Ask for Feedback -As you move through your career it's important to ask for feedback from colleagues and even clients so that you can learn and grow. In the early years of my career it was difficult for me to take feedback because I always perceived it as criticism, but ultimately hearing the feedback and understanding my patterns was a game changer for my personal development. Asking for feedback continues to be a critical part of my success and an entrepreneur.

Negotiate - As a woman in business, it's important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, especially when it comes to negotiating. The truth is, these conversations can be tricky on both sides and it's important to remember that the greatest good can only come when both sides navigate them from a place of care and confidence. Whether the conversation is about money or terms of a contract, voice concerns upfront to avoid conflict.

Schedule time for self-care - Whether it's a weekend brunch with the girls or a spa day at the Four Seasons, scheduling time for self-care is a must. "The business isn't going to prioritize you," says Jillian Peterson, "You have to prioritize yourself- the business actually improves when you do." It makes total sense because when you're healthy and ready for anything, it's much easier to get in the flow of business. Self-care can come in many forms, so pick something that resonates with you and establish healthy self-care routines now.

Enjoy the process and have fun - There isn't a singular path to career success. Everyone has a different journey and it's important to embrace the process and have fun along the way. Try new things, experience with different methods as you hone your craft, and when you find yourself in a downward spiral, just remember that Instagram is a highlight reel and not the full, messy, beautiful, story.

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