Jan 3, 2009

Color Me Fierce

When I was a little girl I would have KILLED for a color book like the one I found today at a Bellingham boutique. The activity book called 'Color Me Fierce' comes with 6 crayons and is filled with fashion pictures to color.

Creator Nike Desis had a sense of humor when he put this coloring book together because after flipping through I noticed several pages that caused me to raise an eyebrow.

Page 8- "Can you help dress Tatiana using the colors of seduction?"

Page 14- "Sasha has gained some awkward weight. Complete the operation by folding at the center line so that the two dotted lined meet. She'll look much better."

Page 16- "Which purse shall Lisa carry today? Draw in her choice. Remember: She only wears designer".

Page 20- "Prima aches to marry rich. Draw a huge black diamond ring on her finger!"

Page 24- "Nora is such a glamour puss. Cut and paste her new post-plastic surgery face."

You can get a color book of your very own at Amazon.com



JessicaLee said...

This is awesome! What a creative idea.

Activity Book by Nike! said...

hello web world!
This is Nike Desis, author of Color Me Fierce...
Thanks for the shout out, I'm glad you like the book!

Also, if you'd like to buy the thing directly from me- I'll sign any number of copies- visit nikedesis.blogspot.com
It works out for all of us!

Last note, I'm a she, not a he! NOW it makes sense!

thanks again,

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