Jan 30, 2009

The Jewel Box

Fresh-faced designer Carri Vacik knows a thing or two about fine jewelry. She comes from an artistic family, married into a family of stone dealers and received a diploma in Gemmology before launching her own line. As a member of the British Gemmological Association she is intimately familiar with exotic gemstones and most importantly, she’s passionate about providing women with fabulously ornate jewelry. “I always envision a different woman wearing each piece I create. Maybe a mysterious woman from the East, an erotic woman from a Klimt painting or a stunning Hollywood actress from the Golden Age,” says Vacik when asked about what type of woman she designs for.

Launched in November at a posh private party in the South of France, Vacik's Spring 2009 collection features extraordinary colors that create an undeniable presence and make each design a statement piece. Stones from the collection include orange sapphire, garnet, blue topaz and peridot. A purple amethyst cocktail ring fittingly named the "Adventuress" composed of delicate rhodolite and 18 carat yellow gold in a figural setting takes center stage in the collection. Meanwhile a sapphire and citrine ring cleverly named the “Courtesan” draws it’s color story from gothic stained glass windows mixed with influences from Byzantine Cathedrals. “My inspiration is highly eclectic,” says Vacik, “the hues and tones from India or Africa, Les Ballets Russes or a painting by Franz Von Stuck.” Not to be out done by the playful cocktail rings, a pair of garnet checker cut drop earrings featuring amethyst briolette, white topaz and 18 carat white gold threaten to steal the show.

Many designers strive but few are able to achieve the level of sophistication and glamour that Carri is able to infuse into each piece of her signature jewelry collection. At a time when the global economy is in recession her line is a reminder that adornment is still the best way to spice up a little black dress.

Carri’s opening price point is $4,000.00 and ranges up to $10,000.00 depending on the item. She is currently in talks with a few high-end department stores in London for distribution of her line. For additional information or to view a summary of work visit www.carrivacik.com


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